Never in my life did I expect to cry over the death of someone I didn't know. Yet, here we are. It crazy how in my last blog post I told the story of how I got into electronic music, even mentioning how Avicii was one of the names that pulled me into the genre, and since we have seen the two biggest names in that story being in the headlines. Swedish House Mafia reuinited, which had me wipe away a single tear of joy, and now Avicii has passed away.
And this time it's a lot more than just a single tear.​
It feels so stupid, it really does. I only knew the music, not the man behind it. Yet the fact he's gone has hit me like a sledgehammer. Levels was among the first songs ever that made me go "wow, this is actually really good music" and will always have a special place in my heart. He helped shape my music taste, and with music being such a large part of my life that isn't just a throwaway statement. And still, it somehow feels wrong to be so emotional over it. It's hard to describe.
I honestly want to write more. About how I spent hours scouring Youtube digging through 'Avicii' songs that weren't actually made by him for ones he actually did create. About there was this silly remake of Levels using only NES sounds that I was absolutely hooked on for a long time. But I'm tired.
My heart goes out to Tim's friends and family, to everyone who knew him, to everyone who has been touched by his music. He won't be forgotten.
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