The image of the Imperial Symbol appears on the screen as a background, accentuating two uniformed individuals sitting on either side of each other.

“Welcome back to IMPNET; the Empire’s most reliable source of unbiased news! Today we cover an offensive launched against the Chiss Insurgents who have thus far occupied large swaths of Imperial space on the Western Frontier. We have a correspondent on the ground in Iridonia who will give us details and live coverage of the fighting! Beros, are you there?”

A blonde haired human wearing a dark grey uniform and a similarly colored plasteel chest piece appears on screen, holding a finger up to his ear and a sort of audio receiver in his left hand. Smoke billows from the ruins of once-solid buildings in the background, with hardly any of them untouched from the intense fighting in the capital. “Beros here, on location within the Iridonian city of Malidris and attached to the 908th Legion commanded by Baron FN-999! The fighting has only just stopped, with the city’s defenses being breached and what remains of Chiss forces either withdrawing or surrendering to advancing Imperial troopers.”

“What can you tell us about the situation for the citizens?” The female anchor spoke up, a hint of concern in her voice.

After a brief delay, Beros responded:
“By and large Imperial forces have attempted to preserve as much innocent life as possible. Relief camps have been established to provide basic supplies to those affected by the fighting. There have been reports of radical Iridonian elements engaging a company of Imperial Knights attempting to infiltrate a reported prison camp operated by the Chiss Extremists, and thus far I can happily report that they appear to have been dealt with.” Behind the reporter, a row of Chiss prisoners of war were being escorted by armed storm troopers.

“Thank you for your report” the male anchor said, before the feed deactivated and he turned his attention forward. “We have received a statement from Imperial Military Command, and it would appear the offensive on Iridonia was just the beginning - breakthroughs have been noted across the entire battlefront - with prisoners of war being liberated on Veroleem and returning home with the utmost of urgency with Defiance Day fast approaching. We’ve also received breaking news that a large force of the ‘Chiss Reclaimationist’ navy has surrendered to Admiral Abeodan Charidot and the 400th Talmshaa battlefleet after a heated sortie over the planet of Shu Torun. All factors indicate the Chiss armed forces are in full retreat, with our boys on the front advancing and pushing as far as Ansion. Experts and analysts foresee the rebellion falling imminently, and Order being restored in the region. We also wish to ask our viewers to take great care regarding misinformation and false narratives that seek to undermine the Empire and its ideals. Not everyone is as informed as they may believe...”

Both anchors smile at each other, with the female nodding her head and smiling as she said: “From all of us here at IMPNET, thank you for watching, and please; stay safe.”