By order of the Imperial Moff Council, Authorized by Grand Moff Tanomas Graf, and signed by His Majesty, Emperor Reginald Kardal,
Imperial Decree 92B-Ω hereby states that the following individuals, due to their association to known enemies of the Imperial State, are now banned from the territories of the Galactic Empire including its protectorate of Geonosis (and by extension the Geonosis sector):
  • [member="Cathul Thuku"], Admiral of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force
  • [member="Jessica Med-Beq"], Ally of the Silver Jedi Order and former naval commander of the resurgent CIS
  • [member="Janick Beauchamp"], Associate of the Outer Rim Coalition
  • [member="Ugohr Poof"], Former general of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force
Furthermore, the corporations affiliated with these individuals are also barred from operating in Imperial territories and its protectorate of Geonosis (and by extension the Geonosis Sector):
  • Ringovinda StarYards - Known supplier of the Galactic Alliance and the Silver Jedi Order, confirmed to be under the control of Jessica Med-Beq and formerly the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Ships identified from the Confederacy raid of Christophsis, the Battle of Asmeru, and the Invasion of Bothawui were of Ringovinda origins
  • Ringovinda Systems - An internal division of Ringovinda StarYards.
  • Pizza Hutt - A restaurant corporation under control of Ringovinda StarYards and Cathul Thuku.
  • IGR Brokerage - A real-estate corporation under the control of Cathul Thuku and (formerly) Ugohr Poof
In the event of discovery of these individuals or corporations in Imperial space, the following actions will be taken:
  • Arrest and summary execution of individuals on this list; Stormtroopers are permitted to kill on sight if the criminals are actively resisting arrest.
  • Complete and total destruction of locations owned and operated by the corporations listed.
  • Seizure of corporation assets to be added to Imperial infrastructure or military, or melted down to produce items for the Imperial war machine.
The Office of the Moff Council