By order of the Imperial Moff Council, Authorized by Grand Moff Tanomas Graf, and signed by His Majesty, Emperor Reginald Kardal,
Imperial Decree 214K-Δ, officially named 'the Privateer Act', hereby states that all individuals classified as, but not limited to, the following; pirates, smugglers, bounty hunters, and mercenaries, are now able to register as privateers in service to the Imperial Starfleet in exchange for lucrative rewards, services, and benefits.
  • Pirates who fly the Imperial flag will no longer receive punishment and will be rewarded for attacking civilian, trade, diplomatic, and military vessels or installations affiliated with the Empire's enemies and will be able to keep all weapons, technology, and vessels under said enemy's ownership.
  • Smugglers will be able to legally run all illicit goods and may request an escort along the Imperial-controlled Mara Corridor and all other hyperlanes if they can prove that they are delivering them to Empire's allies or other underworld elements that are working against their enemies.
  • Bounty hunters will receive enhanced payment and access to Imperial technology while working to hunt down nuisances in Imperial territories and members of the Empire's enemies.
  • Mercenaries working for the Empire will receive enhanced payment and special items during conflicts against the Empire's enemies. May also receive access to Imperial special forces units for assistance during missions.
  • All privateers will no longer be arrested for carrying illegal weaponry or technology (i.e. disruptors).
  • 50% discounts at all Imperial-affiliated cantinas
  • 25% discounts for fuel at all Imperial-affiliated spaceports
  • Alcoholic beverages and spice may be requested as rewards for service to the Empire.
  • Custom factory technology may be requested as rewards for service to the Empire.
To apply for a privateer license, please visit Imperial High Command on Kamino.

To see the list of the Empire's enemies, please visit here.
The Office of the Moff Council