Sleep was so rare in this day and age, it seemed like ages since she was able to lay next to her Lover and best friend even if it was just for a night. The Galaxy was a mess, the Republic furthered its downward spiral, and they had lost a friend. Sleep was hard to come by knowing all of this, but being next to her was comforting and allowed Spencer for just a moment to forget how horrible the Galaxy had become. Hands reached out to pull her closer, the warmth of her body was something Spencer longed for every evening, and at times it was maddening. Even though her body changed, being close like this felt like the first time they had slept together. The way their bodies fit perfectly together, like two puzzle pieces. Blonde hair tickled the older woman's chin as she drew herself closer till she felt as if she could melt into her Lover.
The evening continued, undisturbed - but something was happening before the morning came. The warmth of the other soon moved and peeled away slowly in hopes to not disturb the blonde. The absence of that warmth was enough to have her eyes peel open slightly. Hazel eyes watched as her Lover dressed from their evening together, small light scratches adorned the woman's back from their lovemaking, and Spencer reached over to catch the last moments of her Lover's warmth in the bed. There were no words exchanged, they both knew what was happening - this was not the first time this had happened. War was something they could never escape from, it was the foundation upon their discovery of each other. War was what made them travel and form ideals. Those ideals kept them going, never able to escape the never-ending cycle of War and Peace. She knew they fought to find that peace and when that peace was there - life was perfect. Even though peace never lasted that long.
Eyes closed to keep the facade of sleep; if she had let on that she was awake, it would make it harder to leave. Spencer understood duty, and so did her partner. That understanding made the relationship capable of surviving through their own searches and pursuit of their ideals. When the time came, they would go together as if nothing was missed and pick up where they left off. Distance made the heart grow fonder, but it also made worry a constant thing. Every time she watched her dress for battle, she feared the worst, wondering if this would be the battle that she wouldn't come back from. Knowing the same emotions went through her Lover's mind, especially after Balmorra.
Clutching the blankets tightly, she still had nightmares from that time - she tried to remove them from her mind, but everything was more than she had ever been through. She knew the woman had it on her mind, somewhere. Laying next to her at night allowed her to feel the thoughts, especially about that time. Spencer knew she shouldn't have fought for the Republic, but she felt like she needed to. There wasn't a second thought, and when she was left for dead after the fight with the vile she-beast, she knew the Republic didn't care. No rescue and she was preparing her mind to die, but it was just like her to show up at the right time. Sighing softly, Spencer pushed the thoughts out of her mind, she couldn't think about that too much - things triggered when she thought about it. It scared her that she could have died and that she would have left her family alone without her.
Weight shifted on the end of the bed, and she could hear the sound of armor quietly clank against itself as the woman moved along the bed. Spencer couldn't help but reveal that she had been awake this entire time. Smiles were exchanged, and a finger slowly trailed down the breastplate of the armor. It was enough to keep the woman a few hours longer.
Finally, after one last time together, the lovers parted, and Spencer drew the blankets over her chest as she sat up and watched the woman head out of the room's door. She spoke choking back the tears, it was never easy to watch her walk away, never easy to be the one at home, but Spencer knew she would only be a liability for her in this situation. Standing quickly, she kept the sheet wrapped around her frame, and she caught up soon with the tall woman, turning her around quickly she pulled her into a deep kiss in hopes she could possibly convince her to stay just a moment longer. Pulling away, she smiled and ran her soft fingertips along the woman's weathered skin. I love you. Smiles exchanged along with vows of their love, and the warrior continued onward to battle
Looking out the window, she could see the ship's launch from the one they were on, heading towards Lujo. Spencer retreated to their bedroom, she crawled back into bed, tears stained the pillow as she felt the warmth finally disappear - a reminder that she was gone. Reaching under the pillow, she felt something and pulled out the small folded document, she read it. It was simple and to the point - it was how the woman was, never one to beat around the bush. Clutching the document tightly, falling to the side, she curled up where her Lover had been sleeping. She could smell her on the pillow and curled up tightly against the pillow pulling at whatever warmth had decided to stay.
...May the force protect and guide you, my conquer of 10,000 worlds...