Dear potential Reader,

First off, this entry here is mostly for myself to coherently string together all the thoughts I have of all my various personalities, that have plagued me so since my departure. They might never be put into action, but at least if I jot them down here you can all see I had intentions to finish his story.

In think I'm going to (when and if I) start Roleplaying with only one character at a time, or a few at alternating times. One will be Voracitos until he gets obliterated into non-existence... or something, another will probably be Triam Akovin until she someday dies or something, and the third will be a new character from time to time that all have a predetermined expiration date.

Before that happens though, I think I will focus on straightening out my story for Voracitos. I'm tired of his ghostly behavior, and it's about time those crystal cracks explode spectacularly, and force him to be alive again. Though I need a body for him to host, but I have none prepares. Perhaps it is possible to alchemize one? Maybe it would be easier to just take over some dopes body and put up a ruse Voracitos is gone forever, so I can build up a businessman rep. I also need to use the Girth Of Gluttony, and have it explode spectacularly.

But first and foremost on his list of things to do, is to harass Ashin Varanin at least once before her final hour comes. Perhaps all the previous things I just pondered can be accomplished by single handed attacking Annaj (or with help from Heralds, depends if that's on there Agenda at the time, or if they are even a thing any more) like I did on Rodia. That would be a significant over use of my powers, which would warrant the destruction of everything I have thus far established of Post-death Voracitos.

It might be a good resolution to this cumbersome feud I have with her. Though I've toyed with the idea that FINALLY after all this time, Voracitos adjusts to Ashin having already been Empress, and rightfully so. It would show just how much he did not enjoy the transition between Moridin and the famed Empress. Also, Voracitos is a little weird, and I've toyed with the idea he hates her so much he has grown an obsessive affection for her. This further leads me to toy with the idea he might promise to fulfill his vow to see her death in a more benign manner, as a servant to her. Even though she is technically a Jedi, I could see a resentful Voracitos vowing to finally bend his head in a bow, as if all his attempted factions weren't testament enough as to how inept he is at truly leading in comparision to the giant of Ashin's legend. The loyalty he would establish would probably be one sided, in that he offers his service and Ashin kinda ignores him, but he wouldn't care because he is adjusting to becoming aware of his short comings, in that he is only useful when beneath someone else.

He wouldn't go light side, goodness no, this is just tying up loose ends and forcing Voracitos into a more Classical form I enjoyed I think more than his latest incarnation. After all, he is very much tangled up in the fate of Tyrants, current, past, and future.

I guess I'll stop there for this episode of ideas, but I will note however I am disappointed in myself for not being able to tie up a clever solution for what happened with the Red Leagues "attempted" rebellion plot that lead to him turning himself among others into their custody, or that whole Covenant of Darkness ordeal. Oh well, can't solve everything. I think tomorrow I'll post something similar for Triam Akovin.

See you next time.