Writing, the ability to express thoughts and actions into words providing the reader with an escape into imagination.
So I started doing post by post role play in 1999 at the site called the SciFi Vine. My brother knew my love of Star Wars and said "hey check it out" so..I did. I found I enjoyed quite a bit.
I still do otherwise why keep doing it.
Rianna was the first character I created, and I had no idea then the journey she would go one, and the many faces of her that would emerge.
I at one time decided to start my own little galaxy, and did gave it an odd name because for me it was just going to be a place I as a writer could go and write a story that was itching to come out. Not always Star Wars, but a place of solitude.
A few friends went with me, Spark Vallen, Dark Sky Kerberos, Bethany Kismet. I was incredibly proud of that little place. The writers behind these characters are some of the best at crafting wonderful stories, and I learned a great deal from being able to work with them.
Even here we have such talent - Ordo, Azrael, Seydon of Arda, Tici, Daella, Alen Navarro, Matsu Xianga, Connor Harrison, Reverence, Jorus Merrill, Phylis Alince, Siobhan Kerrigan, Jared Ovmar, Omni, to name just the few that immediately come to mind. I've sought most of you out to try and write with because everyone wants to write with the best or at least those they see as the best.
I very rarely feel as talented as many of you.
So where am I going with this -
I asked for a critique on a character, and got a critique of me as a writer, 16 years of writing. Chris, aka Connor Harrison put it all out there. I feel painfully exposed because he hit some nerves.
I also realize that when, or if that critique is read it could put a red flag on me as a writer, no one likes drama OOC. Mason (Daella) said in a post and I am paraphrasing, that knowing who the writer was behind every character gave other writers the ability to avoid writers they didn't like. I am extremely aware of this point at this very moment.
We are all accountable for ourselves, and how we act. IC and OOC. I personally will be hiding under a rock for a bit hoping the embarrassment I feel will go away. But you should know I am not mad or upset at Chris in any way for saying what needed to be said. I am more embarrassed than anything else.
16 years as a writer does not provide much of a cushion when truth becomes a bucket of ice water. I thank everyone who has put up with me over the years, it has been much appreciated.