How does how a writer will react OOC play into what is written IC?
IC is a fantasy / game that have no bearing or effect on anything in my real life that is important. Nothing written here affects my job, my health, or my family.
IC is where I write characters that live various fantastic lives on a PG13 level with little bloodshed.
There are in character consequences for in character actions here on Chaos, so if you don't want a bounty on your head don't do things to have that happen.
How I am, my reactions, my thoughts about OOC.
It's one thing to say that my feelings get hurt when I see that one of my stories with a writer is being ignored or forgotten. Or that sometimes I feel like my style of writing is not approved of. But that is me, and how I make myself feel it is not me pushing these things onto other writers unless you happen to be on my list of friends who I feel comfortable enough to talk to about such things.
Additionally I admit that transitioning to Chaos and not getting all the rules read did challenge me. I now go and look and read staff updates regularly. My responsibility as a,member to keep up on.
But if a story I am writing conflicts, or causes issue for another writer I try to work it out, sometimes I need a middle person to put me in contact with the other writer because the other writer for some reason did not want to come to me they just wanted to complain about what I was writing.
But if these things happen I don't harass people on skype, or blow up their inbox, well except for Chris (Connor Harrison), (John) Jon Burke, or Paul (Garith Darkhold). I talk their ears off and I'm sure they all at times want to shake sense into me. John and Paul are use to me after 5+ years.
You know when someone irritates me terribly on skype, and I don't want to deal with them, I delete/ignore them from my Skype depending on how far my level of aggravation has been pushed. And if they then turn around and use PMs here well I put them on ignore for PMs here.
Anyhow that's about the level of control I have, the ability to block/delete/ignore isn't that why those features are part of programs? I recommend don't be afraid to do this, you can always approach individual later once the air is calmer. In my opinion.
I like to get along with everyone, and I try to keep drama to a minimum. I'm a social creature that wants to be accepted.
I don't run to the RPJs all the time, I only bother Admin once in a while with questions, and if a FJ says to revise something I do.
The consistent word in this blog entry is I. As writers we can only fully control the characters we write and we are accountable for how we act/react as writers when working with other writers.
If a writer gets a reputation for being a pain in the butt that writer might want to change their ways and stick to it. Don't be a fly by night. Writers only want drama in their stories. Cooperation and compromise go a long way.
But I was recently asked if I could control another writer OOC if we followed a storyline. I can only control me and be accountable for me.
So should ooc reactions effect stories it shouldn't but I've talked to others who tell me that it does. It's one thing to be disappointed it's quite another to be belligerent.