Security Log Beta
Incident #2
Khomm Cloning Compound
Objective, Containment.
The alarms sounded and security rushed in the halls as a new incedient emerged. It was one of the Clones the scientist cast to the side, they thought him dead by scientific measures. Confusion soon exploded in the building as more chaos errupted. Broken glass, fumes leaking and fires began to spread.
" Ok be on the look out for the subject. Hes a clone. Reports specifically note he is epicanthix. This bag and tag should be simple lets move out!" The squad commander said as he took point moving down the hall to the lower sections of the compound. Newly ranked best squad for hostile encounters the security team was more than confident that their team work and experience was enough to match a simple clone. The simple jobs made them the best around after all.
" Cover the left wall and move in."
Orders were being tossed left an right as normal but something was different. They could all feel it. Rage. Their footwork was perfect as they avoided the few bodies of the unfortunate scientist that perished. Turning down a corridor commander Xan held up his fist telling his squad to stop.
" I have contact."
This clone was near naked, with only some trunks on he seems to be out of it. Looking around at everything as if he was just born... Well he was. I had the feeling he was rather harmless so I spoke up. " Hey! Hands up! Look to the ceiling.." I ordered and moved slowly toward him my blaster pistol aimed at his back. I couldn't see his face, But when I did I froze. It was his eyes... Never before had i seen a clone with the same eyes. Orange coloring was one thing but the way they glew was just unnatural.
With my hesitations only caused the squad to do the same, We all witnessed it. Was not long after that we all found our fears come to life. The very flames within the labs grew in size and heat. We lost two men to the flames, I dont know we forgot about the fires behind us or if the flames moved but after the outburst we backed away.
I'm not sure what I saw.