You're a real tough guy. You don't have any of feelings except for malevolence because feelings are for wussies. When people feel offense, you pipe up and tell them 'stop being weak'. Because being upset about something is, of course weakness. And we all know you don't feel anything because again..feelings are bad.

Let's pretend many of us are not dorks who were bullied throughout our lives for being different. Let's pretend we had to put up a callous front outside in real life. Let's pretend we never went online and roleplayed among fellow geeks for escapism and, perhaps, some sense of acceptance despite differences. Because that's not you because...see above.

I see lots of people who go about posting in dozens of threads. Sometimes they make offensive remarks and jokes and by and large they are good enough to apologize. Then I see a handful of what I call 'internet guys' going around and being douchebags. When people call them on it, they get pissy and say 'stop being a wussy, bruh', 'free speech, bruh' and 'if you don't like it, leave...bruh'.

I was like that. Then I grew up. No one can stop you from saying things, but that doesn't make it right or you not a twat for saying it then being obstinate.