So it has been .. quite a while since I've made a "rambling". You know, the kind of blog post where I just sort of throw useless information onto a sheet of paper and then send it in.

Anyways, I've been really listening to a lot of music recently, more than I normally listen to on a daily basis. Most of the time it's either alternative or something a little more heavy, though I've found myself getting into Punk a lot more (again), and depending on the song I might be in a mood to write one character, and sometimes another. Of course there are days where I just sort of don't feel like doing anything besides reading subs (which I enjoy most of the time, so it isn't so bad for me). But more often than not I'll be listening to my music as loud as physically possible with my headphones and generally get into the mood to write. Now, I'm not like everyone else - I don't really... like to write. It's boring, almost like a chore to me. I did well in my classes and such during school and college, but because it was pretty much a chore after all those years it sort of killed any urges I had to just sit down and write, which I used to do when I was a kid. But I absolutely love to read, and to me both reading and role-playing (when an active participant) is escapism, a way to get away from the chaos of working in a kitchen six days of the week.
I started out going full steam, jumping into every thread imaginable not because I liked to hog posts and stuff, but because I liked to see the way people reacted to me, so I sort of dove into my character, head first really. Silara was pretty much Disturbed every night, and after a while I can only take so much of one of my fav bands, so I have to switch things up - and as expected, so did Silara. Unlike everyone who writes with clear planning behind how they act, I just sort of throw together posts based on how I feel at the moment, nothing is really planned - nothing except stuff that have been decided by a post that then sort of isn't a one-post kind of action. Right now one of my characters is trying to personally meet another, once she is freed from the oubliette she's trapped in (the story behind that is a little complicated and will remain at least a little vague) at least, but that wasn't really planned as much as it sort of just happened after something that other character posted that just kind of clicked. But even with that whole moment taken into consideration, music got me there, music is also what led me to killing one of my characters off when I wasn't feeling all too bright and sunshiny (which admittedly happens more often than not nowadays). I'm of the opinion that music can influence you a lot through life, and writing is no different. I know some people dislike it when I put spoilered or unspoilered 'theme' songs in my posts, but they're there to understand the mood I was in when I was writing, to set the mood. As much as you might like to think you can set the mood with writing, it's a lot more difficult and takes a lot more out of you than it is to put some music on and concentrate on the post itself.