(Past Stories Part I)

I could feel her warm hand in mine own. She was alive, but barely. Her life was hanging on by a single, frayed thread. The fates only made it worse by holding their scissors up against it, ready to cut at the string. Head down in my chest in silence as I could hear two men arguing outside. The church man, and the landowner. Arguing over how he was taking in strays and healing them. I could hear the door open and hear loud foot steps. Belonging to the land owner, he attempted to grab the girl. I didn't even know her name, but I would defend her with my life.

In a blink of an eye, my vibroblade was drawn, activated and pressed close to his neck. finally did I look up to see the man's eyes wide and full of wonder and fear. If a "child" could do this against him, I could see the gears turning in his head. I placed my off hand index finger to my lips, and then spoke in almost a whisper, "Right now you are asking yourself how is this possible, how could a child possibly be holding a weapon to your throat. To answer you, I respond with a question. How is it that I have survived worse situations than you have?" I could see his processing through his eyes. Fear turned to dread, and wonder turned to sorrow.

He took a step back, and walked out of the door.

Two days later

The girl was still asleep. Breathing. her chest under the blanket moving up and down in a rhythmic but steady beat. I refused to look at her. Not because I didn't care for her, but because I feared that with all of the time I spent, she would not survive. I had already killed people. Faceless people. But seeing a girl die because of my hesitation, I could already feel the dread and misery in my heart. There were so many times that I was tempted to look at her, to see her face that she was given by some divine right. But I couldn't.

Sitting in the chair, made of some wood that was old, and not important to me, I was very uncomfortable. Hard on my rear this seat was. The back was not much better. Yet, I have not moved. The last time that I have stood up was two days ago when I had threatened a man's life for moving her. I smelled a grease, dirt, and dust. Fearing that if I moved, it would restart time and cause the girl to die in front of me.

For the first time in my life, I had feelings.

The Next Morning

Sleep was nothing. Tired my body was, but my mind was running faster than the speed of light. Wondering who the girl was, where she came from, how did she get hurt, why was she here, and most of all, why did I save her?I knew nothing of this girl. she was faceless to me. An object that breathed, lived, and will die. I could feel her life pulse in front of me. Still holding onto her hand. I finally moved. Standing up, I shuffeled closer to the bed, having my eyes closed, I slowly unclenched them. letting in the sun from the window peak through and touch her golden hair. Dirty and mangled, it was still a sight of beauty. Face soft as the silk sheets that covered her. and closed eyes that did not move.

Leaning down, I moved my face close to her own. Having thoughts of how stories of people, hearing things in their sleep. I decided that it was worth a shot. I choked up in my throat, Scared to even utter three words that were on my mind. Sitting on my tongue. In a very soft whisper, with such ease and smoothness in my words, I spoke. "I am here."

With a sudden flash, her eyes opened.