1. It's a stat holiday here, so I get paid to sit and blog about pointless, meandering thoughts.

2. What's with 50 bajillion different lightsaber color crystals? I don't understand how the Jedi prior to Order 66 didn't have a standard color. I can dig how the lightsaber hilt varies for everyone, but it's weird how the individualist Sith almost always have red but the more unified Jedi have every shade imaginable.

3. Why do fallen Jedi almost universally change their crystal to one associated with the bad guys right away? Let's just immediately declare we are a bad guy, and while we are at it, send the Temple my name, address and current portrait. Let's work on that evil laugh while we're at it! Good, but from the belly this time!

4. Why do Temple Guards have Force Pikes? Why not just lightsabers and maybe electrostaffs? An electrostaff is a possible non-lethal alternative for crowd control. We don't wanna kill if we don't have to.

5. Why do Sentinels have a unique color? Isn't the point of an agent not be noticed, and yellow immediately announces what you are.