Hugsanir: I
En Route To Korriban

Here I exist. Knowledge within arms reach, so to is power. How does this affect you? Your desire for what you make your way towards grows stronger by the minute. But do not allow this to cloud your logical being. Always maintain scrutiny and calm being unless absolutely necessary to abandon these things for your continued survival.
It floods your mind like a river. Your anger. It seems to ignore what barriers you put in place and persist in contorting your thought. You are no Jedi, Harmony is almost alien to you. But this does not mean that your anger should get the better of you. Simply understand that Anger is of your own creation, bolstered by what you harbour deep in your mind. It boils when it must but too often it breaches the pot and you suffer delusional logic. Or a lack thereof. Since you're using the water analogy. Keep in mind that you are both the pump and the channel by which it travels. Use your anger as a tool to destroy those who oppose your quest for knowledge. Do not allow it to bring advantage to the enemy.
It is the home of Darkness. A planet-sized archive of some of the most sought after knowledge in the Galaxy. You will use this to your utmost advantage and facilitate the future you strive to achieve. You cannot afford to be distracted. It of course goes without saying that you will not be indulging in any fleeting pleasures. The task you set yourself must always preside over simple desires.
Your future is ambitious. The task you have now dedicated yourself to is one only few have ever achieved, and many have failed at. For this reason you must always remain steady in your convictions. Never venture far from the being you have created, or suffer the consequences of a lack of purpose.
Knowledge will provide you with Purpose. Without purpose, your position in this Galaxy is one of negligible significance, and you should therefore quickly depart this life, for you serve nothing.
Knowledge will provide you with Power. The power you acquire will be used only to achieve your task. No more, No less.

You are approaching the Heart of Darkness. Return to these observations, these Hugsanir, with the power you have acquired. Meditate on it. Realise the potential of what knowledge you are bound to uncover.