The Cassum Complex
Overlooking E. City

Look at what belongs to you, and know that at any time, it could go. No Empire, No Government, No individual will come in the near future. But the Universe has a plentitude of cleansing appendages. Yet even with the right technology, these can be countered. Many civilisations live in subconscious fear of such things as Asteroids and Solar Flares. These things are looked on as unavoidable disasters and, to the right mind, provide incentive to grow beyond their home. Yet Here you stand overlooking a Planet covered in City. The Technology and Resources at your disposal allow you to disregard what the Universe employs for balance. Asteroids can be destroyed, or harvested. A Solar Flare is nothing more than a storm of Charged Particles, something that can be countered by a large mirror or a planetary shield. With enough Mind, nature is below you.
But you miss the point in your digression. All that you have built and will continue to build, However large your name becomes, it will all go. Your Empire will crumble and you yourself will die. Preserve your mind in artificial bodies for as long as you like, at some point it will become tedious and fruitless, and you will stop. And you will fade. Perhaps not entirely. Perhaps your name will be confined to the archives. Most likely on the villainous side for millennia, much like others. But that does not avoid the fact that your name is all that is left. Bear this in mind, and strive to accomplish what you can before this becomes your reality.
You are a Monster. A Villain. In the eyes of the blind, you are pure Evil. They call you a Sith, a Devil. Yet this is unavoidable. What you strive to achieve will benefit this Galaxy regardless of how much evil you must commit to this end. They will never see otherwise. But this will not stop you. Perception is nothing more than thought. Yes, attempts on your life will be made. But an Assassin has never destroyed a God.
Godlike. Not a God.
The thought of what you may have been still persists. Where are your parents? What if you had remained with them. If your Father had taken you away and raised you, would you have become what you are now? Of course not. And so it boils down to what is truly good. If you had remained with your Father, had he raised you. You would have lived to be a good person. Restricted to the lower levels your opportunities would have been limited, yet that never stopped you. Maybe you would have accrued wealth and taken yourself and your Father to the surface. And lived. Worked a job, likely a Businessman. You would have lived to Love. Brought benefit and happiness to your Father and to yourself. To the local community. And then when you died, you would have been remembered, but only barely.
And so what good did this do, other than a Moral good? You would have benefit the local economy and brought product to the individual. How far does this Practical Good extend? Not very. A great Moral Good, a minimal Practical Good. And so despite the tremendous suffering you have endured and the Monster of a man you have become, the benefit you will bring to the Galaxy is far, far above that which you would have brought if you had grown as a stable, nurtured child.

They are Evil not because they do bad, but because they subject populations to stagnancy. This is not direct evil, but the detriment it brings the Galaxy is comparable to that of pure evil.
The Cold of this air brushes your flesh. A passive suffering that although small, brings benefit to your being. Suffering is a paradox in that it brings you what you need through what all despise. Pain.
Return again to your often spoken verse;
To Proclaim yourself a God is nothing more than egotistical delusion. But if a man is more Godlike than Man, he can rightly proclaim himself a God