You, as a collective, sit atop the foundations of change. Each piece of the circle as important as the other. Do not abuse this, do not twist this. Do not progress with personal gain in mind. Progress only to further the Circle's standing, and the welfare of the People.
The anger you feel towards Ignorance may be perceived as a distraction. Wild emotion is to most wise men something that should be avoided. But you are a man of the Dark Side. There is nothing more powerful than Knowledge of The Dark Side, controlled. With wild emotion comes the responsibility to leash it. Effectively harnessed, and you give yourself an unstoppable tool.
There is no task greater than that which you currently dedicate yourself to. The purge of all ignorance, of stupidity, of that which holds us all back. Of course your methods and the task itself is extremely morally challenging, often blatantly in contrast to basic moral standing. But Morals should never come before what is Practical or Beneficial. If the death of one means the benefit of millions, then it is better to cleanse a Civilisation, nay, a Religion, in the interest of Trillions.
One for Ten, Millions for the Galaxy
Your death is nothing when the seed has been planted
Take from your Father. Care in the face of opposition. Loving investment in the face of exhausting resistance. For the People.
Can you love? You are aware this has been plaguing you recently. A relationship interest. Is it possible? Ask yourself not whether it is possible, but whether it is likely. You are a Man on the path of a God. Perhaps there is one willing to follow beside you. If there is, would a relationship be impossible? No.
Never be tribal. You grew from unintelligence to what you are now, as did all things. That is the nature of the natural order. But you are no longer that which is commonly disregarded. You are complexity, intelligence, abstraction. Behave as such, do not allow your Animal Being to override you. It had its time long since past.
Your cells lack sentience. They are unintelligent. So what of the people? In a certain sense they too lack Sentience. They certainly lack Intelligence. But much like the Cell, when united under a common goal alongside its brethren, it forms complex intelligence. The People can too, under you. Like cells, they will Emerge.