The Cabal is formed and the circle complete. A conquest across the Galaxy looms over the horizon. Are you to lead? Yes. Only you? No. There is equality in the circle, the conquest will be headed not by you, but by all of you. Eliminate any thoughts of egotistical nature. Many minds are greater than one.
What will you bring? And when I say You, I mean all. You will bring enlightenment. You will pull the wool from the people's eyes. The wool placed by ignorance, by dogma, by Religion.
All things die, no matter how prominent or powerful. But such inevitable demise is not determined by Fate. It is natural and can be influenced by countless factors. The Jedi and Sith have persisted for many millennia, their time is long since past. You must be the factor that finally determines their downfall.
There is no God, the being you serve is not the Force, it is precisely what made you. The Force is nothing more than a biological component that you may exploit at your will, for your benefit, and other's. What made you, is Nature. The Natural Universe is your God and Science is your tool to dissect it. So use it.
If one were to look back on the ancient past, one could see how far we have come. The Galaxy was once a term used to define something simply too large to explore. Now, we traverse it like we would between homes. This was not the doing of Hermits and Priests. Technology enabled this, and yet people are still blind. No matter what avenue of the Universe we uncover, no matter how far we take Physics, the people of this Galaxy still praise what brings them nothing.
To end this entry, repeat what you already know;
You are Nothing. This Universe looks upon You like I look upon a grain of Sand. There is no Ego. There is nothing of true significance.