Return again to your desire for Knowledge. Why do you seek it? Strength is not enough. The Mind is ever changing and can accommodate a vast library. To fill this library is to give oneself power. Power, is what drives this Galaxy. And it is what will bring you to your goals.
Science must be furthered in the interest of the people. What People? Those that beat you, ruined you. The people you are trying to benefit deserve nothing but destruction. They destroyed your being, contorted your core. You were taken by these people at 12 years old, and from then on, suffered 5 years of nothing but pain. They locked you away, beat you into submission, starved you. Stole you from the man you could have been and turned you into pure anger. You are Nothing. Nothing but Anger. You hate these people, so why strive to benefit them.
You are venturing too deep into a twisted mind. The People are ignorant, but they are good. Destroy those that seek to reverse the progress of the Whole, but lift those that live in contentment. Do not fall into a destructive self-absorption. You are not a Sith. You are Evil, there is no doubt. But you are not a primate.
Religions have proven healthy, but negligibly so. They are backwards, they are stuck in the past and seek only to benefit themselves. Show them no mercy. Destroy them. Purge such ignorance from this Galaxy, for the benefit of the Whole.