Written amongst the
Manarai Mountains

You are now a teacher. How do you feel? Like a parent? Of course not. They are not children, they are adults. Yes, Demitry is young, but his years alive have consisted of stresses equitable to a man in the fields of war. He is a Man, not a Child. You will treat him, and the others, as such.
How quickly one can go from a position of Authority to a position of Inferiority. I say this not in the sense that they are inferior to you, simply lower. If they were not, you would not be a teacher. Ravenous tried to kill you, indeed they all did. But he came closest. He was above you, now he learns from you.
Look upon it. The Mask. What is contained within that Mask? Contained within that Mask is a God. The Entity that empowers you now, is no more a man than a Sun is a Pebble. He resides within you to an extent. You have allowed him a portion of yourself in an effort to attain the power he possesses. Is this Good, or is it simply Ego? It is not Ego. You do not seek to appear powerful, you seek to be powerful. Through the pursuit of Knowledge and the Symbiosis between yourself and a God.
It is a drug. One he fell victim to, and one you cannot. When you utilise what he gave you, and draw on your opponent, for the time that you do, your pain, anger and core, become void. In those moments, you become the Definition of Blissful Nothing. You become Nothing. You can not rely on this. Your pain fuels you. Never seek to extinguish it, or you will open a weakness.
What are these Lizards? They roam Manarai with what goal? To kill what should not be there? Should you be there? Of course, you created this place and their purpose. Okay, so what else resides within their mind? You often forget that those you see are beings with complex minds.
You are Nothing.