Written in Orbit around Amandras III

How do you feel now, knowing you will soon dominate a primitive species. Pride? Excitement? Permitted, as long as there is no Ego.
This whole scenario is very telling of what you will soon come to experience regularly once your plans are brought to fruition. Get used to it, learn from the experience.
Think back to your days as a child. Painful, but wade through such feelings and explore what you remember. You wanted to be better than the others. They ruined you, your parents and then those you served. Addiction took hold of those who grew you, twisted and contorted their being. What they became took its toll on you. It could have been fortunate that you were taken from them had your new elders been kind. But they were not. They took what your parents had moulded, and tore it apart. Did they put it back together? Yes. But they did so with glue sourced from suffering and a mould made from the blood they took from you. And what did this create? We know what. Your desire to be better, did it ever live through? Evidently not. You abandoned your sense of self when they took your being from you. Abandoned logical thought, philosophy, unity of self. We see now what happens when you abandon these things. Always cling to what maintains you, and never abandon it in any situation.
You are still no God.
The natural order is beautiful. Look upon this planet you are soon to conquer and see what Nature has created. Such complexity can only be understood through Science. Primitive religions that dominate this Galaxy are blind to the true nature of things. They see the Universe how they wish it to be, not at all what it truly is. Powerful religions, but ignorant and dogmatic. They will never succeed in their quests.
Enslave the population? Of course that would be cheap labour, highly profitable. But it runs against what you are. Not only that, but it brings you to a level comparable to that of the fanatics you despise. Slavery is pitiful, primitive and unnatural. The exertion of Ego over living things to build monuments to your legacy is the most arrogant operation one can engage in. Rather, make use of Technology. Droids, worker robots. AI is not living, it is simple circuitry and as such there is no ego to dominate it, as there is no conscious opposition that one's ego can dominate.