Written Above the Equatorial
Temple Complexes of Korriban

To think of oneself as a God is nothing more than egotistical delirium. To think of oneself as a God when one is verifiably more Godlike than Man, is simple observation. So think of yourself not as the God you seek to be, but the Man you currently are. When you achieve the status you desire, then you can think of yourself in the former manner.
Desolation and Wasteland is all that I see before me. Is this what I am? A desolate expanse of anger and pain?
Grand constructs built by a pitiful population of slaves, commanded by men of unbelievable power. See what those below you can do with the right motivation.
All things are destroyed, dispersed back into the Universe from whence they came. One could say that all names will be forgotten and therefore ego is of no significance. My disagreement lies in the former. Names from the beginning of this Galaxy have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for millennias to come. Grand Master Yoda. I recall his name from texts I have read. A name still studied almost 900 years after his death. Even earlier names like Ajunta Pall, Nihilus and Exar Kun to name a few have survived more than 3000 years. Evidently, to think of my own name as comparatively insignificant is illogical.
Live your days knowing you move closer and closer to immeasurable greatness. Bear this in mind always, and your goal will never be lost.
A life must be dedicated to a singular, overriding task. All stresses and intricacies that accompany existence should all be a biproduct of the journey you find yourself on. One that concludes with the attainment of the power you seek.
Achieving such power then should mean your journey does not conclude. You will persist through time, either physically, ethereal in nature or simply the reverberation of your name throughout the eaons.
To take a life is to demonstrate your superiority over lesser beings. If you can not compete, you will die.
Some may think the life you took, one of a student was a meaningless waste of potential. Perhaps it was, but again, his position of inferiority inevitably lead to his demise. If he was a greater being, or simply more intelligent, perhaps he would have survived his ordeal. But he did not. And like the weaker population of any species, he was rooted out.
Morals must never cloud practical judgement. If he'd have survived, this would have appealed to my sense of morality. But we would have been located and placed in detriment. Sacrifice the Moral Good for Practical Logic, and you will succeed.
Descend upon your goal and seize it with pure conviction. Allow no distraction, now or throughout life.