Just a quick thought of the day, folks.
It's understandable that arms races are a natural part of military stratagem. In fact, tech races are what promote the growth and advancement of technologies.
However, shiny things aren't going to compensate for your lack of clever, adaptive or decisive writing skills.
Am I going to stand up to a star destroyer with nothing but a fighter and a satchel full of charges? Realistically, no. But could I plausibly kick your self proclaimed master of all seven forms sun-eating precognitive Force user's ass without needing phrik-plated akimbo rifles loaded with of tungsten-penetrator Dragon's Breath combo rounds dipped in nullification resin whilst standing beside my pet ysalamiri named Pete? You better believe it. (No offense to Pete the Ysalamiri. I luv u bb.)
Which brings me to another point: the NFU/FU balance is an illusion. Again, being Force-Rambo doesn't necessarily mean the opponent is a better writer nor that the NFU is a worse writer; there's no predisposition.
Quality roleplaying (and writing/storytelling for that matter) is about outplaying your opponent, not outgunning them. Submissions should only be contributing to the flavor of the writing.
Feel free to post your thoughts and inquisition "Heresy!" memes below.