OOC/ I happened to be flipping through the Jedi Academy Training Manual and found some interesting tidbits on Sith alchemy, so I wanted to write it down.



Alchemy takes time. I've known many alchemical specialists, and even they need to invest quite a bit of time into their art. You'll find that most Sith who know alchemy fall into the same category as me: competent non-specialists who have many other priorities. As a general rule of thumb, anyone who runs an empire or a galaxy-spanning corporation is holding their art back. Remember that Rave Merrill produced all her greatest work after she walked away from Akure Executive Interstellar. My old friend Lord Dissero is the finest materials alchemist in the galaxy because his art is his focus. The same can be said for Lady Taeli Raaf and biological alchemy. Note how her most ambitious work tapered off after she accepted an administrative role. A pity.

For someone who knows alchemy well, be that through experience and/or specialization, here's how much invested time we're talking about - just for the basics.
  • Creating a serious talisman like a classic Sith amulet or another major project: Around a week.
  • Alchemizing preexisting armor: 1-3 days depending on just how much armor we're talking about. The bulk - the mass of matter - is a factor.
  • Alchemizing a preexisting sword or other weapon to be able to stop a lightsaber, no bells or whistles: An hour.
  • Creating a minor talisman: Seconds or minutes - you've seen me make your amulet. The same goes for basic field modifications to weapons, though not full lightsaber resistance.
  • Mutating a being or creature: Usually around a few days, assuming you have the right medical facility available. Also assuming it's nothing particularly huge or complicated.
Again, these are just baselines that assume dedication and experience. If you want to dabble, adjust your expectations. If you want to specialize, I'll teach you what I know and arrange appropriate teachers when you're ready.