A long time ago...

One day, life on a Core World vanished. Dead cities littered its surface.
The Jedi Order wanted answers and sent one of their brightest masters along with her pupil to this dead planet. Master Tria Coherna was in her early forties and stood slightly taller than the average woman. Her naturally black hair that came down to her shoulder blades was starting to gray. Her light brown skin was forming the first signs of wrinkles and aging. Her dark brown eyes stared at the abandoned city as she rode on a shuttle between skyscrapers.
"It feels weird," began a young woman sitting across from Coherna, "All these buildings and no sign of anyone..."
Aleeva Kadenza, Coherna's Padawan. She was a teenage, green-skinned Mirialan that had been with the Jedi Order since birth. Her height was a few inches below Coherna's - yet she was still growing. Her tattoos adorned her cheeks and forehead. Her violet eyes easily stood out compared to her jet-black hair that stretched just to her shoulders. Her Padawan braid rested on the left side of her face.
"I haven't seen anything like this either," replied Coherna
Eventually, the shuttle flew over a pitch-black crater that had formed within the middle of the capital - as if the rock was formed from lava. Coherna pointed at some place near the center of the crater and told the pilot to land there.
A cold feeling gripped both Jedi as they approached the center. As the shuttle flew closer to the ground in preparation to land, it became apparent to Coherna and Aleeva that humanoid bones littered the crater's grounds.