So I made the name that just for catchy-ness. Rest assured I have zero intention of demanding anything. These are just my thoughts based on the fact that I almost always look at RP as a matter of realism. I know this won't be popular or accepted, but it does make sense, and gives more incentive to have fleeters/gives fleeters the ability to be important characters rather than being forced to fight on the ground in order to do anything. So here we go:
Invasions should start with a skirmish.
Not a ground skirmish or anything, but a naval battle. The attacking force should send in their fleet to attack the defensive fleet, and the outcome should decide whether an invasion occurs or not.
Why, you ask?
Because you can't invade a world if you can't defeat the fleet defending it. They'd just blow your landing craft apart. And you aren't going to launch landing forces while battling it out with another navy, let's be honest. You'd just be asking for failure. So you should come in and try and defeat the enemy fleet first. If that's successful, then you could launch a ground invasion (or invasion of a space station, etc.).
First you establish space superiority, and then you launch an invasion. Take a look at history: D-Day in Normandy. The English Channel was chock full of allied ships. They DOMINATED the water there. Only because of this were they able to send their landing craft in to land, and even then these had to deal with being shelled and shot up by defensive positions that lined the beach. But this was only possible after they established control of the channel. Had German U-Boats controlled the channel, mixed with their destroyers, battleships, etc. we would not have been able to land at Normandy and the war would have lasted much longer.
Let's be honest: a faction like the OS (just using you as an example, no offense guys) wouldn't be able to just land on a world. From my understanding they have minimal fleeters, and a lot of the ones they used to have lost interest because they were never used. If the naval battle had to be fought first, the OS could have fleeters more actively.
Also, this would add an element of difficulty to invasions not seen before. Instead of just being able to launch an invasion at whim, you actually have to fight for the ability to have an invasion. And if you lose the naval skirmish while attacking, the defending side doesn't have to RP a ground battle invasion. They've successfully staved off the enemy. This, to me, would be more fun than just instantly having the enemy on your doorstep because, to be honest, they would take substantial losses before landing, especially if they didn't control the skies.
Just my rambling, but I encourage thoughts. I know I brought this up in warmongers in the past, but not everyone was in that OOC faction. So what say you all?