The Warlords of the Sith Major Faction Owner was permanently banned from SWRP: Chaos yesterday. Reluctantly, I have been advised to address the situation, and reluctantly, I agree that the WOTS members are owed an explanation for what exactly happened.

Below you're going to read some stuff. I'm not going to walk you through it too much, you can determine how you feel about it for yourself. Warning, there is some language, and this person eventually throws multiple factions under the bus in his attempt to convince me of his thought process. But if this guy got approved as an MFO and thinks like this, openly acted like this, surely he's not the only one - and I don't doubt there's some really dumb echo chambers on the fringes of Chaos Discordia.

So, let's just be out with why it happened.

The First Sign - JAN 1
The author is the banned member, Darth Voyance, who later becomes approved for MFO.

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The First Warning - FEB 6
I personally held up the MFO vote to speak to Voyance privately about his past behavior.

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Invasion Results & the Ban - APR 20
Voyance starts popping off after TSE is declared winner of the Malachor invasion.

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I later come talk to Voyance about his behavior.

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Timestamps demonstrate 3 hours of giving him time to calm down.

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The end.

As of right now, I am serving as temporary MFO for Warlords of the Sith as I work with the Major Faction Admin team to figure out what they want to do. There will very likely be an announcement in ya'lls discord either tonight or tomorrow, and the faction's community will be allowed to weigh in after. By no means will any outside influence from other factions be allowed to interfere, and if I learn that you are trying, you will also face disciplinary action.

To the people aligned with the thought process of the individual above, I don't relent. The only advantage you have against the hammer dropping is, no members of Chaos are as Darth Voyance states in the first screenshot as "collateral." No, we don't have collaterals at Chaos, we just have assholes who get way too caught up in OOC and lose their minds.

Chaos gives second chances, not thirds.

For everyone else, enjoy Chaos, don't spam the Factory too much, apologies for this waste of time.