The following is the after action report on the events surrounding a Horizon News Cargo Freighter and its subsequent - successful - seizure by Shadowrunners lead by a trio of Runners.
The Shadowrunners
Primary Team
- Lady Death - Dryad - Jack of All Trades
- Duke - Human - Physical Adept
- Luna Shine - Pixie - Shaman
Secondary Team
- Coidog - Elf - Shaman
- Gentry - Human - Decker
- Hardpoint - Dwarf - Rigger
- Sledge - Orc - Street Samurai
- Mrs. Smith - Troll - Fixer
Elf Team Six
- Navigator - Elf - Rigger
- Ironhide - Elf - Weapon Specialist
- Specter - Elf - Covert Ops Specialist
- Warlock - Elf - Combat Mage
- Mantis - Elf - Street Samurai
- Baroness - Elf - Covert Ops Specialist
Additional Support
- Shade - Dwarf - Combat Medic
- Cyberwolf - Elf - Decker
- Brick - Troll - Combat Mage
- 3 Pilots
- Aztechnology Agular GX-3
- Aztechnology Night Runner (2)
The Job
Through our contact Nick - the owner of the Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas - we were brought to the attention of a job located in Las Angeles. A Cargo Vessel owned by Horizon News was shipping an unknown cargo - at the time of accepting the job we did not know exactly how many individuals were guarding the vessel or what the cargo was. During the following 2 months, we began preparations for the mission - calling contacts, getting information, procuring supplies.
The Plan
Board the vessel while it was at sea - this included the use of an Aztechnology Agular GX-3 Attack Helicopter and two Aztechnology Night Runners (speed boats). After securing the vessel, sail the Cargo Ship to the port of Seattle to be retrieved by the client.
The Preparation
During the two months since we got wind of this job - the primary team began to prepare by calling their contacts to gather information and supplies as needed for the job. To this end - Lady Death - reached out to all of her contacts to begin preparations.

In order to secure transportation out to the Cargo Freighter, Lady Death contacted a fixer by the name of Winston. As a means to secure the vehicles that would be utilized in the operation, she offered Winston 3 favors - no questions asked and within reason - this included delivering the vehicles south of Los Angeles at the groups staging ground.
The next call was to The Sommelier, a Gun Enthusiast who was offered 1 favor - no questions asked and within reason - who in turn put the primary team in contact with Mrs Smith's team of Runners.
Additional calls to various contacts saw the procuring of additional runners as well as pilots for the vehicles.

The Heist
At approximately 6pm Monday Night the Primary team met with additional runner teams just south of Los Angeles. Additional preparations were made with Mrs Smith - who in turn hired a number of youth (offering them cheap commlinks) to stand at regular intervals along the coast to contact the runners in case a Horizon News QRF was deployed - with the rest of the teams being given a final brief on the mission.
The runners split into three groups as follows.
Boat 1
- Cyberwolf
- Coidog
- Hardpoint
- Sledge
- Mrs. Smith
Boat 2
- Ironhide
- Lady Death
- Duke
- Gentry
- Navigator
- Specter
- Warlock
- Mantis
- Baroness
- Shade
- Luna Shine
- Brick
- (2) Hellhounds
The mission began with Luna Shine casting Invisibility and Silence on the Gunship; approaching the cargo vessel by air as the two boats came up on its Aft to better hide their signature. The gunship began to strafe the top deck - clearing out the 40 armed guards (of a total of 160 security personnel on board) - before landing at the bow of the vessel. At this point the team on the helicopter was offloaded and deployed an Area Jammer to prevent the crew from calling for aid. The primary and secondary goals of the Helicopter team were as follows.
Primary Goal - Protect the Area Jammer
Secondary Goal - Secure the Bridge and Captain of the Vessel
With the help of Lady Death's Hellhounds (Inanna and Erishkigal) the members of Elf Team 6 deployed via helicopter were provided with a clear route up to the bridge and the captain. They were able to rapidly clear and secure the bridge as well as the captain and were successful in both their primary and secondary goals.
After the helicopter landed and deployed its team, the two boats quickly pulled up alongside the cargo vessel to deploy their teams.
Boat 1 would pull away - with Hardpoint remaining on board to control their drones from the vessel.
Boat 2 would pull away - Ironhide remained on board and was provided a Gatling Gun; this vessel pulled to the edge of the Area Jammers range to provide additional support if the Horizon News QRF was deployed.
After the Helicopter deployed its team, it provided additional air support by moving around the cargo vessel.
At this time with the two teams deployed - and facing resistance - they began to work their way through the vessel. By the time the teams met in the main cargo hold, there were only 75 of the crew and security forces still resisting. These elements were quickly cleaned up and secured - being held on deck by the shadowrunners. Once it was deemed safe and the Deckers gave the all clear that no self destruct had been activated, the area jammer was shut off - at this time we received a call on the ships radio and a Horizon News QRF had been deployed and was on route.
In our luck however, the vessel passed in Tir Tairngire waters - after making contact with Tir Tairngire (and our Deckers pinging the cargo vessel as being of a different origin) - we informed Tir Tairngire that we were under attack and being harassed by the Horizon News QRF. With the command to remain on our present course, it was only a few moments before we saw Raptors buzzing over our vessel towards the border. Looking back, explosions were noticed in the distance - though we would not see the news until much later that night once we reached Seattle.
Upon completion of the mission - we found through the news - that two stories of the event were being told. The Horizon News side noted that a vessel of their carrying medial supplies was seized and taken to Japan; while the national news of Tir Tairngire noted that they repelled a Horizon News QRF that broke their sovereignty - noting that there were no survivors of the Horizon News forces.
During the heist we discovered that the cargo that was being shipped were Technomancers that had been experimented upon - the mission being their rescue.

- 50,000 Nuyen per person