Holocron of Unic Starstrike​

The Force, Connecting, Penetrating, and binding life within the Galaxy.
In my own words, All existence in the galaxy is bound by interpretations such as, ideals, sides, and independences.
Free will, Creation, Ambition. Momentum. History. Belief. Ideals and Atonement.
To discuss "Ideal", There are no "sides" Good or Evil - Light and Dark.
It is only Ideal, an Ideal you follow. With no sides between Powers or Abilities, Choices or Paths. It is the Continuation of Ideal, thoughts, and achievements, Vengence or Guidement. Eternally we all Follow the Force, but our individual paths, Seperate our lives to a side or a culture, a Society of Energy and Will.
The Scriptures of a "Chosen One", a being so strongly connected to The Force, Brings upon the evidence of The Force and it's meaning.
Quickly explaining,
The Prophecy of the "Chosen One" described a being, born with nearly limitless potential and would bring Balance to The Force.
That is a strong connection to The Force.
To also explain the Jedi, with this topic,
The Jedi are Keepers of the Peace. Guardians of Peace and Justice within the Galaxy.
That, is the Jedi Order's Connection.
Although our own as well as others, still have potential, what our own connection to The Force is, could be our Destiny.

Senses are very important to a Believer, as well as a Survivor. They differ only between awareness and sensitivity.

[sup]Chapter 1:[/sup]​
[sub]Force Powers and Abilities[/sub]​