One strives for it. We are all taught that to be anything, to be afforded respect, to be powerful, we must reach the rank of Lord. In equivalency, the Jedi have their rank of Master. From our very first moment as a young apprentice we are told that we are nothing unless we become something, and that we will always be subject to the Lords of the Sith. Forever will they reign among the darkness, and all beneath them are not but pawns and playthings for them. They dub their minions Darth, retaining that title themselves even when they ascend. Why, though?
It's not but a title. Truly, I tell you I've seen Knights with greater knowledge and power than some of those who would call themselves Lord or Master. Even myself. Yes, we Sith have a tendency to gloat, but I tell you with not but truth that as a Knight my abilities were such that I frustrated one of the Silver Jedi's most staunch warriors, the very leader of their Shadows, Connor Harrison. The insolent man had the audacity to call me a child when I pointed out the failings of his Jedi in upholding the law they claim to support. Mass murderers have walked for ages among their number but they wanted us to believe they'd punish one of their own fairly? Preposterous.
But I digress.
So few Lords actually have the strength or knowledge to deserve the title. Most of them spend their time gallivanting around the galaxy, chasing down Jedi or murdering populaces or ravaging women. These are simpletons, not Sith Lords. They are incredibly narrow minded and seeking little but power and vain glory. How is it that this has become the way of the Sith rather than ancient times when Sith sought to lead people or create great advancements in technology and the use of the Force?
Irregardless, I shed the title of Darth with my rise to Lordship. I will not be slave to the monikers of the past and the inferiority it represents these days. You, whomever you are, now viewing my holocron, would do wise to ascertain your own path. You may not even wish to seek Lordship. It's not but a title bestowed on you by someone else. It doesn't grant you grand power or anything of that nature. It's just a word unless you give it some other meaning by becoming better than those who call themselves Lord. Choose your own destiny and seek your own power. If you ask, I may even bestow on you some of the knowledge I have gained over the years.
Be warned. Those around you may not take kindly to these words. Your discretion is part of the key to your survival.