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What is the force? Is it really the source of all life in the galaxy as we know it? We do know that all living beings that come of this galaxy are in some way connected to the Force. Each blade of grass, each bug, every tree, every animal. All are connected to the Force in a manner which allows them to be manipulated by those who have a strong connection to it. But is that enough to say that without the Force there could be no life in the galaxy? Would complete and total disconnect of the Force cause the life within the galaxy to suddenly cease to be alive? I don't think so, but that doesn't necessarily mean we should try to test my theory out.
Is the Force itself a living entity? Yes, it is. Midichlorians tell us that much. It doesn't create life, however. It can be used to manipulate life, having the ability to affect things on the genetic level even, as seen with Sith Alchemy. But if we take into account the presence of sentient and sapient droid races from outside of the galaxy, who had no organic creators, can we truly say that even all life is organic? If the answer is no, then how can we say that the Force, which does not exist in non-organic matter, is the creative source of all life within the galaxy? I don't think we can.
Taking into account, as well, the existence of the Yuuzhan Vong, which exist outside of the Force and are fully organic, even rejecting all machines, it can be surmised that the Force has little to do with the existence of life. So why do we teach people that the absence of the Force is the absence of life? We're just lying to them when we do so. My only inclination is that we are trying to preserve the power we have obtained so that we can remain in positions of power above those who have not been able to achieve the strength that we have. This is a common problem among the Sith, the Jedi, and everyone else. It really matters little which side you're on, because we are all evil in our own right by choosing to teach a philosophy that is wrong instead of embracing a path to unity.
That being said, it's nigh impossible to break this cycle, so trying to do so is a waste of effort. Instead, it should be implored that we strive for greater strength so that we can put down those who would stand in the way of progress. Whether they be Sith, Jedi, or neither, anyone who stands in the way of fixing this broken galaxy we inherit in each generation must be put down. Our goal should be to obtain strength so that we can lead this galaxy to a better future rather than to see it in ruin again and again. That is, indeed, why I spawned the idea behind the Ashla Reformation. Not to gain strength just for myself, but to gain strength and use it towards a purpose.
Life does not exist because of the Force, the Force exists because there is life. It is nothing more than a gifted ability which some can touch and others cannot. It is not a god. It's just a force of nature such as gravity, and learning to control it, as we do gravity, is just another part of life. The Force should not be worshiped or treated in any matter other than as a force of nature. It is a constant within our galaxy alone as we have seen from extra-galactic visitors. Yes, those of us who can touch it are special and destined to do great things. Most fail to achieve that.
I, too, will fail to see my goals achieved in my lifetime. It is inevitable. The Reformation requires too much work for the lifetime of one being to see it through to completion. This holocron will be passed down the generations of my family so that they can continue the work of saving this galaxy from its wretched self. We shall be Sith in name and desire, but all such that we can achieve good for the galaxy. Not all Sith are evil, and not all Jedi are good. Good and evil are relative. The Force is something we can work with, a tool. We will grow to know more of it, and we will use it to crush those that stand in the way of saving this galaxy from itself.