Hmmm, looks yummy, doesn't it? And if you go to your grocery store, no doubt you'd be able to find a box, or two, or five.
At least, in America. Not sure about the location of Couscous in other countries, but there's got to be some available SOMEWHERE, right?
But where did it originate from?
According to Dari, couscous's origins have been a slight point of conflict. However, the most agreed-upon likelihood is that the dish (which consists of itsy bitsy pasta balls) was first created in Morocco and other North African countries. It was so popular that it wasn't very long before the dish spread to many, many other countries and nations, becoming one of the most "attractive and mysterious dishes in the world," to quote Dari. also states that the relative flexibility of the dish is what contributes to its renowned status. As quoted in its article,
"With a basic cooking system, it is possible to prepare an everyday meal or a luxury feast, a main course or a dessert." Thus, it can be used for celebrations or simple family meals.
Cool beans, right?
On top of that, the dish has some religion tied to it, too; women from Mahgrib and Middle Eastern countries must talk about positive things and prosperity,as the dish itself is associated with "abundance, fertility, fidelity, and Barakah (God's blessing)."
So next time you and your family or whomever prepare to chow down on this delectable dish, you can fling facts (or pasta) at their heads!