Its been seven years. Seven years since my boy left home. Seven years and he's all grown up. Jedi Master Vulpesen Espadus Torrevaso. To be honest, it pains me too say that each time. Each and every time that last word hurts my soul. Each and every time, I wish it were shorter. Vulpesen Espadus Torrevaso. Why can't it just for once, I wish it was Vulpesen Espadus Verres. Maybe it's a selfish wish. Maybe its treacherous, but by the stars, HE'S MY BOY!

When his parents left him on my doorstep, they had left a note and a pair of holocrons. Of course, two of those items have been showed by my son. And its because of this he calls himself a Torrevaso. It was a parting wish from his parents and who am I to deny it? I know they loved him. They didn't leave him with my because they wanted to, and I consider it a privilege that those two left me in charge of their son. Now if only I could just hear him say it... just once. Maybe it would ease the sting of being away from him for so long. I've become a senator now and its my hope that this job will bring me closer to him. I just hope he doesn't get himself killed. Oh Rurrri, please watch over my boy. He's a fool, but he's mine. Even if we aren't even in the same species.