Dear Hans,

It was great to hear from you. I mean, really great. It's been what? 5, maybe 6 years, and out the blue I get a message from you. You were supposed to be dead, man! We had a funeral and everything for you, just like everyone else that got dragged off by the Sith. I can't explain how good it is for us to hear you're okay, even if we're still pretty shocked by it.

But, I'll have to be honest: you picked a bad time to get re-involved with Raxus. It's only gonna hurt you. If you and your new Imperial Knight buddies ever even make it out this way, I'm not sure you'll find much of Raxus left. You never saw Raxulon with a Sith Star Destroyer hanging over it, and now... well the Sith got replaced by something worse. The "Bryn'adul" arrived a few days ago. We'd heard about them a few times slicing into S-Imp comm channels, but that didn't prepare us for these... monsters. None of us have gone above ground since they got here, and the resistance is far from what it was when you were around. Even after the Jedi left us we got by pretty well. Especially when the Empire got fat and lazy, but now I don't know. We didn't have enough supplies stocked for this, and I'll be surprised if this message even gets to you. Regardless, we're gonna die down here, whether it's because they find us or we starve.

I really want nothing more right now than to see you. I swore an oath to protect you and your family, and I thought I'd failed. The fact that you're alive gives me a lot of hope. To hear you're still fighting against the Sith is amazing, and if I ever see you again I'm gonna need to hear your story.

Goodbye Hans, and may the force be with you.

Your loyal knight, Sir Taron of Tamwith Bay