As it has been pointed out before, operation costs continue to climb. Our profits have failed to increase at a rate able to move with those costs. To prevent bankruptcy and the embarrassment of an involuntary closure, we will begin the steps necessary to close up shop now.
The first order of business will be to see to the establishment of a temporary commission to help our former employees find work elsewhere once the closure is complete. Several of my underlings have voiced complaints in relation to that decision. I will take this opportunity to remind them that propriety is priceless. One of our guiding principles these past years has been dedication to not only our customers but our employees. This will not change even in our final months as a functioning organization.
Secondly our properties and manufacturing centers will need to be absolved. There is no doubt that several dozen juggernaut corporations in the galaxy would be willing to throw inordinate amount of credits at us to purchase our facilities. Unfortunately, I will not enable any more mindless bloating on the part of these corporations. Deals have already been signed with companies based on those planets we operate on. Smaller companies in the grand scheme of galactic affairs, but major players within their own planets and even sectors. The factory on Panatha will continue operations under the supervision of the Epicanthix government. The research facility on Sarvchi will be returned to the Chiss government.
There is also the issue of our blueprints and schematics. Copies existing outside of our primary datacenter on Lianna have already been terminated. Soon after this memo circulates, the original copies will soon be removed from that datacenter and given to Mr. Oryen. What he does with them later will be his business and his alone.
Ownership of Hegemon Towers has been sold to a holdings company. Those currently renting office space in the tower have been assured that their rates will not change and security will not falter in the wake of the management change. As for our defense fleet, it has largely been divided up and sold to various local governments in and around the Outer Rim. Rest assured, we have taken great care to ensure that none of these vessels end up in the hands of despotic, genocidal, or slavery-encouraging regimes.
Any other information that will need to be dispersed over the course of this closure will be done in follow-up memos.
It has been a pleasure working with you all.
- Gerion Ardik​