I have been mulling my words over, and realize an extra note to add. Maybe two. Depends.
How can one know if they're being hated on? You can't always. In certain scenarios, you end up with a mole that will let you know. But that isn't always the case. I felt the need to strongly emphasize this.
Just because you believe someone is talking smack, doesn't mean they are! Some people are joking, then word gets back to you, and you take it at face value.
Another being, don't take my word for it. Conformity isn't always a necessity. Some people have ideas that fit so perfectly to the mold, that you could strap on fairy wings, carry glitter, and kick kittens, yet you will still be loved!
For those that are on the receiving end, and are utterly aware that they are, don't fret. Not everyone is this way! Not to act as an advertisement for the faction, but come to the Sith Empire. We can be friends and make sure to enjoy our own unique writing styles!
No, as said, that wasn't an advertisement! If you don't want to join, don't! Come to our members list, tag anyone on there! As is, I haven't conversed with a single one of us that wasn't cool!
Of course a Sith character might not fit, but guess what? We have other chars right?? Let us know!
We can be friends against the hate!
Haters gonna Hate!
This has been another announcement from a Hated Player