• Born on the red-forested planet of Anzat to a communal shaman, Hastur knew not the love or structure of a traditional family. He never knew the identity of his father, and his mother was one only in name. His mother ignored his existence, preferring to instead take care of the local ancestral temple when she was not locked in mystical trances for extended periods of time. As such, Hastur was left to support himself throughout most of his childhood. He had no siblings and very few friends in the rather hostile Anzat society. When he reached of age, he was enrolled in the local Anzat academy to receive basic training in martial arts, stealth, and assassination. Upon graduation, Hastur wasted no time in leaving the planet. There was nothing holding him to his birthplace. Like most Anzati, he was released into the wilderness of the galaxy, free to pursue the life essence of others.
  • And so he began work as an assassin, the most socially discrete way of finding suitable victims for life soup. However, Rhozarrh kept his Anzati identity a secret and adopted the name Rhozarius Hastur in order to better fit in with higher social circles of humans. His specialty became politicians, nobility, rival business leaders, etc.
  • An incident on Serenno left him reeling, as if the rug was suddenly ripped out from under him. He staggers, the world he knew, the comfort he sought in assassination and consumption, all gone. Since the incident, Hastur has developed a passionate self-hatred and has tried to stave off feeding for as long of intervals as he possibly can. He doesn’t talk about it. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, a cure perhaps, a way out of his existence as he knows it.

No relationships of significance