Short quick vibrations shook my arm at an ungodly hour. Took me a few moments before I reached over for the watch and pressed the small button on the side to stop the silent alarm. Sitting up, I felt the lump that was Ibaris next to me, I hadn’t expected her to leave the training room and come to bed – but it seemed she was tired of meditating. A hand ran through my blonde hair as I looked down at her, so much had happened to her in the past week or so. Her papa died, her mama went off the deep end, among other things that she won’t talk to me about. She knew I was there if she needed anything, but it seemed she probably wanted to do this on her own. The girl had an issue about looking and seeming weak.
Though with parents like she has, I couldn’t image showing weakness and seeing how that turned out. I felt my hand continue through my hair and towards my neck. Massaging the tense muscles, I pondered if what I was about to attempt was a good idea. It could totally backfire on me; I could get slapped around or worse put through a wall by use of the Force. Ibaris was strong in that aspect, physically though…I totally won. Swinging my feet over the edge of the bed, I did my best not to wake her up or move the bed too much. I remembered when I was in this state, it happened after I lost my mother to the Primeval invasion. I knew what it was like to lose a parent, but I didn’t push my availability on the Princess just yet. Everyone needed time.
I walked towards the kitchen and started to pull out the chocolate pieces I had been stashing away from her. A few pots and pans were pulled out and I set up a double broiler to melt the chocolate down. It didn’t take long, but while they cooked I made fruit flings that I could fill some of the chocolates with. As I waited for the chocolate to fully melt, I pondered the idea of caramel. I wasn’t sure if the Princess was a caramel fan, but I sure was. Quickly I grabbed sugar and started to cook it until it melted and began to turn a golden brown. In another pot, I had cream heating up so it wouldn’t curdle when I added it to the caramel. Soon they both came together and while I whisked quickly, I tossed in some salt.
Everyone loves salted caramel.
Chocolate melted and fillings all made, I began to fill the molds I had collected over the years. Knowing the holiday celebrating love, I made small heart chocolates. Tossing the chocolate filled molds in the freezer I went to work on cooling everything else down. While I did so I smiled knowing and hoping that my chocolates brought a smile to her face. I missed her smile the most during this terrible time, feth I even miss her laugh. The laugh that used to come out when I’ve gone and done something stupid. Everything was cool and the chocolate was setting, I sat at the small table where we had shared meals. I needed to tell her how I felt, I needed to let her know that she wasn’t alone and I knew exactly how I could do it. Today was the day of love right? What better way than to confess your love for someone than on this day!? Seriously, what could go wrong.
My small timer went off and I went to fill the molds and then cap them with the other half of the chocolates. Using my fingers and body temperature, I erased the little lines that showed that they were separated. Putting them back on a tray, I put them in the fridge to make a final set. I had the perfect box of metal I had crafted, so I would show her my abilities were getting better as a smith as well. Kill two birds with one stone right? Show her how awesome I was as a blacksmith AND confess my undying love for her. SO perfect! Digging the box out, I quickly returned to the kitchen and lined it with wax paper. The chocolates finished setting and I placed them into the box. I had to write a note, something that was difficult, but I had been practicing. I wrote and then erased and wrote more telling her how beautiful she was to me and everything about how she made me feel. Roughly a half an hour later, I stood up from the table and placed the note with her name on it beside the steel box of chocolates. Inside the note read: Happy Valentine’s Day Princess! Enjoy.
I owed her more than a love letter, my confession had to be amazing…
Just like her.