NAME: General Arriwarr, Grozkalla the "Madclaw"
FACTION: The Kathol Outback / The Underworld
RANK: Exiled General
SPECIES: Wookiee
AGE: Middle-aged
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.1m
WEIGHT: 125kg
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Deep brown
SKIN: Grey
-Short Temper
-Incomprehensible: Do you speak Shyriiwook? No? Good luck.
-Terrified of Fire
Shaggy umber fur is not what makes Grozkalla memorable, nor is it his towering height or white, needle-like fangs. Where a right eye should be is nothing but ugly, warped scar tissue, as if he were made from wax and the eye melted. The fur on that side of his face is the color of soot.

Arriwarr lived an uneventful life, no different from thousands of other Wookiees. Fiercely loyal to his tribe and a devout mate.

All that changed when the One Sith attacked.

The tribes needed leaders. Arriwarr became a mid-ranking general. When the Sith came, he fought valiantly, but his group of forces were ultimately defeated. His tribe slaughtered or enslaved, mate and children taken. Arriwarr was captured as well. In the chaos of the battle of Kashyyk, they were funneled back behind Sith lines, destines to be shipped off as slaves.

But not before the Sith had their fun.

In chains, Arriwarr watched as a Captain of the Blackblades, Darth Vornskr's infamous legion, tortured Arriwarr's mate. He started with shears for the fur. Then knives for the flesh, peeling and pulling back in scarlet exposition. Finally, the hooks. Arriwarr didn't know how long he hung there, listening to her roars of pain, helpless.
His children were scalped, then, still living, sent off on shuttles to live as slaves.

Futile struggles had left his wrists mangled messes of blood and raw muscle. The Captain came for him now and Arriwarr found he could no longer struggle. Not as he watched the Captain take out a blow torch. And not when the Captain took the blow torch to Arriwarr face.

An Allied counter-attack saved his life, but not his eye.

The burning village was retaken, the Sith pushed back and Arriwarr rescued. Mate taken by death, children by chains and an eye by flame, Arriwarr knew not what he lived for, but vengeance. He pleaded with his rescuers to go after the shuttles that had taken his children. Angered and under excruciating agony, Arriwarr lashed out at a fellow Wookiee, extended claws tearing deep furrows near the ribs.
The act was one that had long been forbidden in Wookiee culture and tradition still stood, despite all that Arriwarr had suffered.

With battle still raging all around them, the fate of the planet yet undecided, they gave him exile and dishonor, calling him Madclaw.

Arriwarr fled, taking a new name. Grozkalla. The burning wild.
Kashyyk Long Gun
Ryyk Kerrathorr
X1 Carbine