"UGHRUGHRUGHGURHA! FETH FETH FETH FETH, PLEASE BE AUTOSAVED, PLEASE BE AUTOSAVED, PLEASE BE- FETH! WHY DIDN'T IT AUTOSAVE?!?!?! ... Kark, because I was looking at something else and changed my subaccount mid-post... IDIOT!!!!!"

- Legit me about five minutes ago... err, censored that is. I even said it in green.... that took some effort.


And that kids, is why you follow these two simple rules that I break constantly:
  1. Do not under any circumstance change your subaccount mid-post in another tab, without at least clicking preview on your post first, in case you run into my problem, and DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE BACK IF YOU DO!!!
  2. Do not under any circumstance, write as much as I did through the site, and freaking just write it in a google docs or something, the autosave feature isn't perfect and is fallible to human error unfortunately.
Thank you for listening to this public service announcement! :D

Fatty So-Pissed