It's been a while, Chaos. The writer of Alen Na'Varro has finally come back to the Holonet! It's time to drop yet another installment of my (probably) award winning (if there were awards for this kind of thing) blog. And this time, it's gonna be interesting ...
Ladies and gents, I am opening a can of worms so massive and so deep that you could stack twenty star destroyers end to end and they still wouldn't reach the surface. And that can of worms is ... all those gorram resbian power couples that are running the show around here. Let me preface this by saying that I am an avowed gorram resbian fan. @Ashin Varanin and @Spencer Jacobs, Tegs and @Siobhan Kerrigan ... you find me another couple that can match the awesome threads and outputs that those power couples have graced the board with.
What I must say is, there's a lot of these couples around. Chaos as a community is an avid subscriber to the gorram resbian mystique. It's got the point where the percentage of woman-woman couples on the board is by no means a reflection of wider society. I'd partly put this down to the avowed success of Varanin, Jacobs, Kerrigan and co. I'd also put this down to the number of creepy, clingy and down-right weird man-woman IC relationships that I've seen over the years. A gorram resbian couple seems like a surer bet of success than rolling the dice and trying to get two complete opposites to make something work. Chaos has bought in. I've bought in. We love it.
But why do I bring this up?
  1. It's interesting.
  2. It shows how progressive our little community is.
  3. It says a lot about what we want for our characters in terms of character development and storylines.
But mostly, it got me thinking about male-male IC relationships ... In my time as an RPer, I've not seen one. When I was a fairly green RPer on another board, I made a gay dude character. I got another person to make a gay character and we tried to get them to have a relationship. It didn't work. The two characters were entirely different, so it didn't come off as genuine. It was forced. In fact, it was utter s***. We dropped both characters after a couple of weeks.
But I still hope that it can be done. All these resbians around here and not one combination of dudes that like each other ... I dunno, to me that seems weird. And it can be done, and I'm sure that it can work just as well as a Varanin-Jacobs or an Alcori-Kerrigan. We just need two dude characters to step up to the plate and take the bro-mance to a new level. It's the next step.
That's what I'd like to see in 2016.
I'd like to hear what you guys have to say about this, and that's what the comment section is for. Just keep in mind, if anyone says anything that comes off as even slightly controversial or backward, I will throw you into a sun. I will do that.