Had some folks asked why I had stopped writing Julius. I almost started it again, but... I managed to stop the temptation.
Julius is going to ICly go away for a while. On the surface, he will be lost on an expedition to the Kathol Rift, checking the Underground trail and such that @Alec Rekali established. Still trying to find writers for that, as I want to do the venture justice in terms of story depth and length, and I intend to uncover a rather important Cannon ship that will need flying back to someone to hand it over(all pre-arranged). In the end, when he reaches the last hold-over point for the Underground Rift Trail(tm) and finishes supplying them, he will go missing. He will leave a note behind or some such, the Skywalker Lightsaber will be left with a instructions who to send it to or some such (so if you are interested...). And he will just go poof.
In reality, he won't be missing, but be breaking off from the group in his own little YT-2400 to visit the Ang-Tii, and then I just won't be using him to post anymore. Details as to how and what he is doing while with the Ang-Tii are not circulating really, but he will be studying with the Ang-Tii for a long while. That much I know. So I am working on divesting myself of trinkets ICly, and then setting off the thread. Even though I hesitate because I honestly like the character more so than even Ijaat, that I have written for over a decade.. It is time, really...
He is my first Master on this site and has changed drastically from how he was in his original incarnation, and I love the character, but I constantly find myself playing/writing the warrior type. And in a recent D&D session with my gaming group, I mentioned to the DM I was thinking of re-rolling my part in the campaign as a Rogue (there was a story point that allowed us to) and trying a new class for 5e (we are trying it) that was (surprise) combat oriented. Bless him, but he pointed out I always play the Paladin or Fighter types, and maybe sticking with the Rogue would help my efforts as both a role-player and that I might discover I liked it when I quit comparing it to the Fighter types I was known for.
So I have taken that advice to heart for D&D as well as here at SWRP: Chaos. I am shelving Ijaat after a thread with @Isley Verd. I will be shelving Julius after his thread. Then I might take a short (or long) break from SWRP, or immediately start a new character or revive a certain OC I have in my mind I tried several times to write here. Either way, when I start writing ICly again after these two go off into the wild blue, it won't be in the Fighter archetype I am famed for everywhere I write. Not sure entirely what it will be, but it will be something different.
As well, I think it needs to be said, I am a dick to a lot of people here. I make no excuses for that, though there are a ton of reasons I could use for such an endeavor. Suffice it to say, they are in the end just that - excuses. Whilst I doubt I will ever be the kind of person you would consider cuddly and kind(sorry for that mental image), I could be a little gentler in my rebukes and discourse. And so, I will be working to do that more so as I move forward. It's not going to be an easy or quick process, but my delivery needs work, most definitely. However, anyone who advocates the supremacy of the Kansas City Royals or Chicago Blackhawks will still be destroyed on sight. Fair warning. But, to close this little bit - for those who might hate me for being brisk, clipped, blunt, or whatever word you wish to use, sorry to you. Can't guarantee I will be your best friend, or even be nice to you. But I will be working on being more diplomatic at least.
So, that's where this guy will be going, both in reference to the character and the writer. If you are interested in coming along for the ride(for Julius or for a possible new OC, or anything), do let me know. I may or may not have a spot for ya.
Beyond that, good luck you cray-cray kids.