In an effort to get to the bottom of the situation surrounding the Echani and Thyrsian conflicting statements, a reporter from GNN, the Galactic News Network, caught up with Admiral Eliz Fenni of the Echani Compact as she was leaving a meeting with the Queen. Our conversation was brief, but we insisted she discuss the recent news release out of Thyrsus. This was her response:

"I can't comment fully on the situation except to say that there will be no hostilities from us towards the Thyrsians. As they are well aware, there has been no build-up along their border and, indeed, our military expansion has been slow and confined as a result of just getting our shipyards back to maximum efficiency. The damage that was done to them when the Thyrsians and others invaded our world was quite substantial. I can assure you we have no intention of quarreling with them, just as Queen Raste indicated in her first decree. Hostilities, whatever they may have been, are ended with the people of Thyrsus."

She seemed confident in this assessment and didn't appear to be giving us a party line, but as with all things we suggest taking her statement with a grain of salt. All too often plans can change on a whim as we have seen numerous times throughout the galaxy.

We pressed her for information on the Compact's previous invasion of Thyrsus and she had this to say.

"What invasion? The Compact never invaded Thyrsus. Under the reign of Janira Fenni the Compact was largely focused on the war against the droid uprising. Thyrsus was left quite well alone to deal with themselves as they saw fit per the Pact of Almerra. Since that pact was signed, no sanctioned invasions of Thyrsus have occurred."

We asked her about the Almerra Accord and the Queen's intention to investigate the parties involved and she had this to say:

"There is no record of that ever occurring. When Janira Fenni passed away, may she rest in peace, leadership was immediately transferred to Queen Jacobs and the Compact was dissolved. If what the Thyrsians say happened is true, then the element involved was a rogue element, likely comprised of Echani who still believe in the ancient feud. Yes, they still exist and likely always will, unfortunately. The point is, neither Janira Fenni, the founder of the Compact, or Queen Jacobs, her successor, were ever involved in any attempt to invade and subjugate the Thyrsians. This accord they refer to is nothing more than propaganda, and to prove that point, we've allowed representatives of the Silver Jedi total and complete access to every military and civil record we have since the Gulag Plague. They won't find anything because what the Thyrsians claimed happened was never government-sanctioned, but they're free to look.

"The bottom line is, there won't be any war with Thyrsus unless the Thyrsians instigate it. We aren't interested, and they can take their propaganda and stick it where their sun doesn't shine."

That was all we could get out of her, unfortunately. She made her way to a waiting speeder and departed after that provocative final statement. Despite this, we have seen no massive escalation of military movement on Eshan or any of the remaining Five Sisters to justify the build-up employed by the Thyrsians, but we'll keep a watch and make sure the galaxy is informed. Until then, this is GNN news: your source for what's happening in the galacxy.