Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away .....

There was a tinkerer named Gilamar Geppetto. All his life he toiled at the work bench making terrifying weapons of destruction. And he was wonderful at it. His creations were works of art that had the capability of snuffing life out in painful and elaborate ways. Decades he worked with soul purpose that drove him deeper into the shell of a bitter, angry man. Yet he excelled at his work and found solace in his designs.

However, one day he realized that he had no son, no heir, and made a decision that would change who he was. He didn't wish to design weapons of death and destruction. He wanted to create ... To create life. And so it began.

As he began designing the form his son would take one night he watched as a shooting star crashed into Mandalore, not far from where he was busy working. Curiosity (combined with a body grown stiff from sitting .... Darn old age) prompted him to travel to the impact crater. There in the smoking impression he found a chunk of metal that was emitting a noise. Creeping closer and taking care not to fall (because dagnabit he just had another hip replacement) he neared the smoking hunk of metal to recognize a tune. A mando'ade song that was often robustly sung on a hunt. Collecting the metal he returned to his workshop feeling divinely inspired by the gods.

Day and night he worked creating life in the form of a bes'uliik. As he did he prayed to the manda and his ancestors to guide his hand and gift his precious 'son' with true life. As the weeks flew by Gilamar saw the conception come to life. Once the bes'uliik was finished he began to teach his 'son' how to walk. Inspired by some of the pop holovids Gilamar secretly watched the 'son' christened Pinocchio would often dance leading Gilamar to show him how to Disco.

But Pinocchio's love of dancing was only overshadowed by his love of lying. Due to the mysterious ore Pinocchio was able to speak basic fluently and used every opportunity to lie. An unfortunate side effect, that ole Gilamar couldn't correct despite him often trying, was that every time Pinocchio the bes'uliik lied his cannons mounted on his 'snout' would go off, often obliterating his surroundings.

As the people of Manda'yaim grew into an uproar over the destruction and wished to end Pinocchio, ole Gilamar Geppetto said goodbye to his son who flew away swearing he would return when he was a real boy.

Years passed and Gilamar grew despondent, referring back to designing weapons, and fearing he would never see his son again. But the old gods of the taung saw into the heart of Gilamar and touched Pinocchio, turning him into a proper, sentient dragon. Upon their reunion tears were had as well as a dance off between father and son who reenacted famous scenes from the old holovid "Grease". Though Gilamar's voice was enough to make one shove a Kal into either eardrum, Pinocchio had a voice seemingly blessed by the gods.

The next morning Pinocchio flew to town to pick up breakfast for his father, but an errant lie erupted in a stream of flame that set fire to portions of the city. In righteous anger the town's people slew the dragon and hung the body from a tree.

Upon waking Gilamar Geppetto drove a speeder into town (despite having his license revoked because he had become a menace on the road and skies) and came upon his son Pinocchio. Tearfully he cried out and prayed that the manda accept his son before adding him to his list of names to remember every morning.

Returning home he began work on his projects once more knowing that the gods had blessed him and it was his duty to continue to serve his people. But on the wall hung a single cannon that would fire if a lie was spoken in it's presence.

Some said that late at night you could hear the sound track to an old holovid, Flashdance, could be heard playing followed by the sound of an old man dancing with his walker and a set of metal feet clamoring upon the duracrete floor of the workshop.