Name: Sena (last name lost in time)
Allegiance: TBD
Rank: TBD
Species: K'paur
Age: A few centuries, but still young for K'paur
Gender: Female
Height: 1.82 m / 6 feet
Weight: 130 Lbs
Eyes: Pink
Complexion: Pale
Force sensitive: Yes
Sena is a quiet individual with many thoughts. She has many things to offer yet often stays her tongue. Having lived a life without meeting many people, she is usually distrustful to anyone she does come across. That said, once someone grows close to her, she is a very generous soul and will often go far out of her way just to please one person.
Sena is a thing of beauty, even among her own species she is quite fair. Her hair is white and seems to be made of silk, a very rare thing for her species. More often than not her clothes were white and black, as over the years Sena had come to keep her clothes simple and plain, but she is still fashionable with these garments. When it calls for it, Sena will adorn armor, but more often than not she sees this an unnecessary.
A pure K'paur, Sena has been alive long, but much of her own history Sena has declined to remember, intentionally blocking out her memory up until meeting her master. Ya'iri was like a father to Sena, protecting and caring for her. When Sena was found by him she was alone, laying down on the cusp of death in a field of grass.
As Ya'iri approached, he saw that at the outer edges of the field, the grass had withered and died. And as he watched the circle of dead grass slowly grew, dying in a ring starting from the furthest blades. As this happened, the grass beneath Sena grew at an extreme rate. Within a few minutes all the grass, save the grass beneath Sena had withered to a yellow death.
Finally, collecting himself, Ya'iri approached Sena who was still laying as if in death. But he felt her life still lingering. But he still declined to interfere. The grass beneath Sena was now very long. It stretched out, embracing Sena until nothing could be seen of her. Suddenly, as is a light switch had been flipped, the grass embracing her died and crumbled, floating off in the wind. At that moment Sena opened her eyes.
From that day Sena and Ya'iri traveled together, learning the Force and surviving like nomads in distant and unpopulated areas. Vast became their knowledge of the Force, with their lives dedicated to the understanding of it. Ya'iri did his best to teach Sena nothing but of the light side of the Force, for since the day he met her, he sensed something deep within her. What exactly he sensed, he did not even know.