He sighed as he stood over the body of the man who was the target for today. It had been a day since he last saw the girl who he had helped and only after helping her find a place for her parents to be shipped into space and as a form of burial... something he helped pay for some reason. They had parted though and he was back at work, kicking a man in the side so that he would hand over the money that he owed.
Solan kicked harder, this time, to make sure the man stayed down as he sighed. This mercenary work felt so wrong, but he needed money and this was the only thing he could find where his skills could be used. The current slime he was standing on currently was some guy that forgot to pay the protection fee or something for this stupid cartel that Solan had signed onto. It paid well enough but it was rather tiring dealing with criminals and cheats and even now he felt sorry for the guy. Hell the only reason he had reacted physically was because this thin, weak kid was the one who was supposed to be the muscle... well it worked quite well as the moment the man's hand had shot out Solan had a hold of it and with the force he had broken the wrist in a quick manner before sending a kick into the man's gut before he toppled over.
"The Kid is a prodigy isn't he, a real expert at making someone underestimate him. If I didn't know any better I would have thought he were an etchant that dyed its hair but no. He's just a normal old kid..." Solan did hide the use of the force well enough, no one even knew of his abilities with it and even more so the saber he hid on his body as it was a vibro sword and a pair of DC17 blasters he had picked off a collector a few weeks back who had run short on his payments and Solan had been given them as a substitute for credits. It wasn't hard to hide the force, the garden he kept in his apartment was small and looked home grown. He never so much as made a spark of flames and the rest of what he knew was a simple use of telekinesis and body enhancement for times like these.
"Now, about those credits you owe us, how about I take a hand for not paying up?" The man wouldn't actually do it, this was a common threat that normally got them coughing up their money in no time. And low and behold the moment it was finished the man only shook his head as he pointed with one hand to a safe on the far side of the room. Solan's foot left the back of that man in the single instant that it happened and moved over to the window, looking down below at the ground and seeing a red haired woman who was looking up at the far over traffic. "I thank you for your cooperation and your credits are mu-" The moment the safe had been opened a blast erupted from it and for a moment everything slowed down.
Solan's body was hurled like a ragdoll through the window as the entire building was consumed in a ball of fire and burst apart as if it had been made by plywood. Nothing remained in that instant as the world faded for a moment and he noticed he couldn't feel his left arm, his eyes focusing on a trail of smoke and his nose on the smell of burnt flesh. Nothing could be felt but it was there and he looked at the damage for that moment before realizing the world had gone dark. His body making contact with the ground below.
He hated his life...
"OUCH. For the sake of my own sanity stop that..."
Solan looked at the red-haired woman who had carried him to a place where he could recover and wrapped his arm to help it heal correctly. The damage was easy enough to repair so it wasn't a worry but what he didn't know was how long he would be out of commission thanks to the fall. Apparently it had been four days and he had been watched over by Rose all that time. She had found him, smoking and broken on the ground after the explosion had sent him flying like a ball from a cannon. He wondered for a moment if he was actually dead and if this was nothing more than a bad dream until he got whacked across the face with a rolled up paper. "What the hell was that for..."
She just stood there, no older than him with a sigh. "A: No cursing in front of a lady, didn't your family teach you manners..." She hit him again with the rolled up paper which was starting to annoy him but what came next was a smile. "And if you keep complaining about me helping your arm heal, I'm going to just throw you in a freezing shower and lock you in there until you learn your lesson, ok?" She waited for him to answer and the bad part was he knew this girl would do it. She was strange, granted no stranger than he was but strange none the less as he looked at her for a few moments. "Ok fine... just hurry up..." Solan didn't like being useless, the last time he was useless he lost his ho- 'Smack' And the paper hit him again as he glared at her. "NOW WHAT."
She just stood there with a raised brow. "You started to cry, stop that, you are going to make me sad if you cry." Solan just stared as she finally put down the paper and went to work on his arm again. He had no real idea who this girl was and he really didn't know what she wanted or if this was just her way or repaying him for his previous kindness, but it was becoming a rather big tick on his mind. He had offered her time and time again credits, or a better job, or something to repay her and every time she just smiled, shook her head and left. It was so strange, so weird if he didn't know any better he would have thought this was some elaborate plot to kill him in the end. Why...