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NAME: Maxim, Gerhard H.
FACTION: First Order
AGE: 68
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 182.88 cm | 1.83 m (6' or 72 in)
WEIGHT: ~ 72 kg
EYES: Blue
HAIR: None
SKIN: Fair, Wrinkled
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Psychological Profile:

Logical Thinking:
Through the years emotional thinking has been pushed to the wayside, Gerhard primarily concerned with numbers and equations, science is the dominating force which drives his thoughts and rationale. This allows him to plan, detail, and keep track of numerous projects and initiatives with ease, always seeing the entire picture not just the short term. It makes him an excellent strategist.

Creative/ Artistic:
When left to his own devices he can be extremely creative, crafting new inventions and unconventional ways of doing things. This helps him develop new technology and gives him an unique view on the universe at large. Being creative allows him to come up with new ideas and improve upon old ones. Gerhard sees science as art and it has wholly consumed him.

It could be said that ambition is what has caused him to rise to where he is today and kept him there despite his advancing age. He is both tenacious and unforgiving and has no pity for those who refuse to help themselves. To him, the world is full of sheep and wolves, and if you're not a wolf, you're a sheep.​

His loyalty is unwavering, to a fault. He will do whatever is necessary at whatever the cost to further the goals of the First Order. This can cause him some ethical dilemmas as not all are keen on his methods. While not explicitly illegal, he has skirted the line on more than one occasion to further his research.​

He is obsessed with himself, proud of his knowledge of science and how the world works. He is obsessed with becoming more powerful and developing more powerful technology. He is also obsessed with strange ideas such as extending life and creating immortality. He devotes much of his free time to reading and researching, allowing him to gain more knowledge.

Uneasy Aura:

Rolf stands tall at 1.8 meters, his light brown hair cropped short on the sides and kept long on top. He keeps his face clean shaven and is the epitome of military appearance. His boots are always shined and his awards are always aligned perfectly. He weighs around 79 kg. His eyes are a piercing blue.
Rolf was originally born in a small mining colony on Lanteeb. It goes without being said that a mining colony is no place for a small child. Despite the rough environment, he made it through his early years without much in the way of excitement, learning all he could about the mining operation on the planet. The primary mineral extracted from the planet’s surface was Damotite, though mostly obsolete. As such the wages for working at the mine were pitiful, most families sharing a small dwelling, sometimes even 3 to a shelter. They were small, but having multiple families living under the same roof was beneficial for the young Rolf. Eventually, over time, the First Order claimed dominion over the planet of Lanteeb.
At a young age, he began noticing strange things. Not like black cats following him or a shadow lurking over him, but he would notice things others didn’t. He could tell when something was about to fall or sometimes he would have déjà vu. Before he would be hurt, he’d see it play out before his eyes allowing him to adjust to avoid injury. It wasn’t something he could control, and it wasn’t something that happened every time, but when it did he learned to trust his instincts. Scared of what this meant, he kept it to himself, hiding it and disguising his abilities as skill or luck. As he continued to grow older, he noticed it more frequently.
Rolf had grown up, his entire life on Lanteeb until the age of 22, enlisting as a soldier with the First Order, unable to resist the allure of escaping the life of a miner. He did well, the several years of hard mining work keeping him in shape. He wasn’t particularly well fed, so the life of a First Order soldier was more of an upgrade than he’d been used to. Sure the life was hard, rules, regulations, and learning everything quickly, but he’d always been a quick study. His innate force abilities allowed him to strive in the life of a soldier, able to push much harder than his peers and giving him increased attention to details that others might have overlooked.
Throughout his training he’d come to distinguish himself, adapting to situations much faster than his peers. Rolf was able to think on his feet. During the combat maneuvers training, he was able to develop solid but flexible plans, often allowing him to adjust as the situation progressed, adapting to fit the new situation even if an enemy did not react how they were anticipated to or if variables changed.
Now, his training complete, he has served with the First Order, though he has yet to prove himself in true combat. He hopes to rectify that in short order, though only time will tell if he will rise through the ranks, or get left in the dust, crushed beneath the heel of a more ambitious soldier.