This 2017 American disaster film is co-written, produced and directed by Dean Devlin and stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Ed Harris and Andy García.
When an internationally created series of satellites blanketed across Earth, controlled from the International Space Station, starts to malfunction and strange weather occurrences take place across the world, US President Palma (Garcia) demands it to be fixed.
Former station commander Jake Lawson (Butler) is commissioned to go up to the ISS and investigate and repair the fault. On Earth, Max Lawson (Sturgess) and his Secret Service girlfriend Sarah (Cornish) uncover a deadly conspiracy.
It seems somebody in the Presidential party wants the satellites out of action and has been sabotaging them, creating deadly weather that will build up to a Geostorm, killing millions. Only Jake and Max, millions of miles apart, can save the world, prevent the Geostorm and uncover the truth before it is too late...
What is a Geostorm? A Geostorm is a series of large consecutive weather disasters around the world that will wipe out cities, kill millions and re-shape Earth as we know it. Sadly, there is nothing of the sort in the ‘Geostorm’ movie and so, pretty much, is one big fake marketing campaign. The poster with Butler holding his daughter before a giant tidal wave? Doesn't even happen or come close to happening in the film. He, or she, is never in danger such as this. Nor is the plane above.
Gerard Butler. The beef-cake from ‘300’, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and, goodness, even ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. He has the look to him, and causes chaos in his movies - a poor man’s Bruce Willis action hero and delivers many cheap, fun bangs for your buck. Here, however, he appears rather weak, lazy, bored and a little pasty.
He looks rough, and not in a rugged way. Something about him made me concerned about him all the way through, wondering what was going on in his head making this. He better improve for 'Angel Has Fallen' because this isn't the Butler we know. Maybe because he spends so much time running back and forward, trying to sound intelligent and in a surprising lack of action.
It's not just Butler. We have Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia and Jim Sturgess all in run of the mill supporting roles. Each character has been seen many times before in many various genres, and they offer nothing new or engaging - it’s one big cliché and they are wasted beyond their talent. When Tabitha Bateman, a thirteen year old, acts better than her elder, more acclaimed supporting cast, you know it’s a poor show.
And it's not just the acting, but the story. it is boring, un-eventful and over complicated. You’ve seen these sorts of disaster movies done far better. They had a purpose and they were creative. They felt dangerous and left their mark visually with viewers with those big dramatic money shots and tense 'race against time' narratives. This does not.
‘Geostorm’ doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it some strange science-fiction adventure? Is it a family drama? Is it a disaster film? Is it a political thriller? It’s a big mess, and it shows.
And there's the reason we love these diasaster films - the diasters! All the shots you’ve seen before in trailers and marketing is as much as you see in reality. It’s the same shot of people running away from CGI weather, mostly on beaches for some strange reason, and all of these moments last a minute or less. You will get fire, snow, tidal waves, hail and wind all in under 5 minutes. That’s your lot. If you’re expecting some intense city-wide destruction and our heroes caught up in it? Forget it. The closest our stars come to experiencing the storm is some CGI thunder and rain. Better bring an umbrella.
There is nothing to take away from this. It's not exciting or new. It could have been if it knew what it wanted to be and stuck to it, instead of plate-spinning 4 genres at once to create some...uber-genre disaster film. There isn't enough talent here to even try to pull that off. Instead, it's a bloated, boring down-pour.