[background=Just A Rather Very Intelligent System[/b]

[background=Designed in part off of several breakthrough technologies, the Geoffery system is a unique advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence that results in a system that is not only infinitely more capable of organic and rapid decision making and learning, but perhaps also more prone to quirks, personality, and erratic behavior due to it’s construction methodology and decision making parameters, which are very open and almost entirely non limited. This thesis endeavors to conduct and thoroughly examine the creation and systems of the Geoffery system and how a brilliant man in over his head managed to create a miracle intelligence by simply working outside the rules because he didn’t know them.[/size]

[background=The intelligence started with a simple idea for a metallurgical forging assistant. A simple idea of producing an above average droid capable of outperforming the several models of inefficient droids Ijaat had acquired and to be able to match the level of natural knack and knowledge Ijaat possessed without the bother of spending decades on an apprentice who would likely not stay content to be a shop assistant and secondary smith for their entire life. The process began at first with attempting to upgrade and enhance a high-end black market droid brain of unidentified manufacturers origins. Though it produced a viable droid that could indeed outperform others, the rate of decay on the operating system and collective error rate made it impractical for such high risk jobs as intended.[/size]

[background=The initial steps of the new idea began as a break-through from Ijaat reading on the human brain to seek to better increase both processing power and independence of his droid creation. There was a theory deduced for helping those with devastating brain cancers and other such maladies. An old, inefficient and terribly dangerous method of cloning the brain to replace the organic matter and using frowned upon technology to flash-clone the neural pathways of the brain being replicated was utilized. In such a methodology, the simulation of personality could even be achieved, and through repeated and targeted replication of certain synapses and neural pathways memories could even be ‘transferred’ to form an almost perfectly recreated life.[/size]

[background=This technology was utilized, in triplicate actually, to achieve the founding cornerstone of the Geoffery program. First, Ijaat’s himself was cloned, by the expert & master cloners in residence on Kamino. During this process the typical cloning was altered to include methods from the flash-brain cloning. This was done in part to naturally boost the resultant clone’s potential and aptitude in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology and to help set the stage for the ability and aptitude of the clone for Metallurgy and Forging. [/size]

[background=The clone then underwent a grueling few years of flash training of curriculum to include everything Ijaat knew of smithing and it’s associated arts and even more. In the end, the clone proved to be a genius in these fields, and well above average in others, although it suffered crippling deformities and physical ailments as a side effect of the genetic engineering and neural-path routing to alter and enhance it’s cognitive abilities to such levels. The resulting being was then taken and the brain flash-cloned, as described above. Such processes were layered multiple times over the cloned organ, further enhancing and strengthening the already conducted experiments and exponentially powering the abilities and potential of the resultant organ beyond human ability to handle. Simply put, if put in a human body, the resultant organism would degrade into insanity and crippling mental and psychological imbalances. [/size]

[background=The next step in the process came when the entire resultant organ was neurally mapped and analyzed, being translated into coding and applied to a data chip made of kiber crystal lattice sheathed in a small sleeve of hijarna stone, with electrum interface fibers. This ended up resulting in a hardy USB like drive with which Ijaat could discretely plug into wide array of devices to allow direct and powerful interfacing, as well as a mild range transmitter which allowed a blue-tooth like or IRF frequency transmission for mid-distance communication and interface with most standard computer like systems. These were encrypted and protected with various redundant gateways and defense programs to keep anyone but skilled slicers and hackers from potentially influencing the AI, as well as it’s own defenses and Geoffery to project a hologram of himself within a 1x1x1 cube space from the data chip he is contained within.[/size]

[background=The coding was layered and structured, the crystal lattice work replicating the pathways and structures of the modified and cloned brain almost perfectly, but on a near microscopic size. The initial spark and start up of the Geoffery system started out much like the creation and initialization of almost any other droid or computer system, except originally it was kept in the self contained devices network, cut off from any other resources as the external transmissions were rendered inert. [/size]

[background=The system was allowed access to an immeasurable amount of knowledge of history, science, math, language, and more, as well as selections of modern day holovids, comedy plays and the like, allowing the self learning and developing program to form a personality all of it’s own, which for all the world resembled nothing more than a well cultured and dry witted butler of exceptional brilliance. [/size]

[background=Eventually, the system was uploaded into the armor systems of Ijaat’s power-armored beskar’kandar, and field tests were conducted. While snarky, erratic, and insubordinate, the AI and Ijaat bonded quickly, and it was as planned for the most part, save that when transferred from suit to suit or device to device, Jarvis would become ‘groggy’ and take anywhere from thirty seconds to as much as ten minutes for ‘him’ to adjust and integrate and merge with the device. [/size]

[background=Overall, the research was a success and the project deemed complete, although prohibitively expensive and complicated to such a degree as to be impossible to replicate with any degree of accuracy or success, in part due to the fact Ijaat kept many of the details private and compartmentalized from one another, using multiple companies for the research and development of the various processes described within this documentation. As such, Geoffery is unique, and his full capabilities unknown, excepting the ability to interact with Ijaat’s armor and suits, a moderate suite of hacking and slicing abilities, and broad spectrum interface by the device it was imprinted into and it’s communication outlet frequencies, though he can access most if not all abilities of a device he is implanted to.[/size]