Okay. So let me start off by saying I know it is by no means important or mandatory to adhere to a specific pricing guideline, as it's all relative anyways -- a blaster pistol will always be a blaster pistol, and a starfighter's rotary cannon will always be a starfighter's rotary cannon; the the difference of accessibility between the two is always going to be the same. However, I feel that sometimes prices that fall in the extremes of highs or lows break immersion.
For instance, if my character was a bounty hunter and was looking for the best bang for her buck, she would naturally try to find the cheapest or most reliably cost-effective manufacturer on the market to do business with or maybe even procure sponsorship with. It's really a downer when I can't do that because prices are all over the place and make very little sense.
I'm coming out with this short guideline in the hopes that at least a few of you will see it and it might pick up traction, so that there will be a little more uniformity in pricing and a little more immersion and depth in roleplaying both consumer and producer -- after all, why have a company to roleplay with if there's no plot behind it?
So here's a list of prices of some of the most common products in Star Wars lore and what they would usually cost on average (some things fall higher or lower so it's sort of a middle ground). Some things still don't make sense comparatively... but that's Star Wars for ya.
  • Blaster Pistol - 350 credits
  • Blaster Rifle - 1,000 credits
  • Portable Missile Launcher - 6,000 credits
  • Trooper Armor - 550 credits
  • Speeder Bike - 8,000 credits
  • Land Speeder - 18,000 credits
  • Tank - 120,000 credits
  • Starfighter - 135,000 credits
  • Light Freighter - 85,000 credits
  • Bipedal Walker - 160,000 credits
  • Quadrupedal Walker - 340,000 credits
  • Corvette - 3,000,000 credits
  • Cruiser - 7,200,000 credits
  • Star Destroyer - 150,000,000 credits
  • Dreadnought - 3,800,000,000 credits