Eskel sat alone, in the dark. He had never expected the world to come this. His world, his home was gone and all but a few of his friends considered him an enemy. But Eskel knew what needed to be done. And he needed to be strong, stronger than all if he was to succeed. He had become stronger through his travels with others, and learned much from them. But he needed so much more.
Even now, held as a master among his peers. He knew that wasn't enough, it was a title. Something so easily traded through mouths, he needed the world to see its flaw's. The weakness in each and every mentality that these factions of the galaxy force upon the common people. To think one is so special because of a birth-right, or their power is a fallible idealism.
Eskel was alone, dressed in his battle armour. Fighting without armour is foolish, as to use armour in battle is to be restricted, and to practice without it is to fight without those restrictions. A falsehood for those who dawn armour on the eve before a battle.
Taking his saber, Eskel had became a master of his own style of lightsaber combat, one he had created with the combined teachings of his people and what he had seen of the lightsaber combatants he had fought and travelled with. Eskel was training when he could, whether it be with the saber or the force. However he knew such training would not be enough. Practice may have made perfect, but there were still some things he needed to finish, and perfect may not be good enough for what was to come.
Taking a deep breath, Eskel allowed the force to run through his veins. Listening to the hum of his blade, feeling its heat against him. He allowed his darker emotions to fuel his might, using the force to increase the speed and power of his blows.
"Peace is a lie, there is only passion."
He recited the first line of the sith code to himself, using it as fuel for his inner rage. It was like a beast, however the now well travelled Eskel had tamed the beast. "Peace, is the truth each party strives towards. However, it may simply be peace on their terms. The sith wish to win this war, thus creating peace for themselves. Even with their actions they disprove their dogmatic code.
In his mind, Eskel was fighting those he knew. Enemies from his past, he put himself against suicidal odds. He had studied them, knew their strengths and weaknesses and thus just pushed himself harder, faster.
"The Jedi are no better."
"They sit in their temples, debating whilst lives are ended."
"There is no emotion, there is peace. This is a flawed code! Our emotions are what make us strive towards our goals. What can make us better or worse, emotions are what makes us who we are."
Eskel's anger was in balance with his calm train of thought, serenity. "Neither jedi nor sith even follow their own code fully."
"Through passion, I gain strength." Eskel emphasised his dislike of the code, turning rock to dust with his fist.
"This is truth, however it is not absolute. You may gain strength from others as well. Not just your passions, from your compassion. From your hate, your fear, your sense of calm, confidence, happiness. All things have a dark and light, it is not as narrow as you fools of Jedi, Sith and whatever else that follows may think."
Through all of Eskel's travels, he had seen through the eyes of many in the galaxy.
But, at the foundation. No matter how many tried to hide it, there was the rot. No single person touched by this war could escape it.
"There is no ignorance, there is knowledge."
"Knowledge in all things is power, yet the Jedi would deny themselves so much. This is because they, are weak. And cannot control themselves. Thus, they make themselves only half of what they could be. This too, apply's to the wretched sith order."
Painful memories of the war torn worlds Eskel had seen caused heartache for him, what this war had done to so many. It had to be stopped, or the never ending chaos would consume the galaxy and all life with it.
"Through strength, I gain power."
"Power, is a subjective term. The power do what? Kill others, take a pitiful title or throne? How insignificant how pathetic."
Eskel saw the destruction he had caused in the cave just through practice. He de-activated his saber, and sat in a meditative position. Closing his eyes, he felt the world around him. Shifting, broken. This cave represented the galaxy, bits of it slowly chipped away until none would be left.
The reckless and unchecked blind blade of war would cause whatever remained of the galaxy to crumble. It was on the brink of destruction. Eskel could feel it, in his bones he felt it.
"There is no passion, there is serenity. Again, a falsehood."
Eskel wasn't an incredibly multi-tasker, but the simple process of reconstructing the cave with his telekinetic powers was a simple task. "Serenity by definition, is the state of calm, peacefulness. Yet can any Jedi truly say this is the truth of their being? Everyone, has problems. Everyone, has fear and anger, love and happiness. You cannot deny this, serenity may only be achieved when one accepts all things. Not just one way or the other, there is no right or wrong within the force. The force is everything and yet remains nothing. It is the people around us, the creatures in the depths of the sea, the birds in the air. The crystal, in a lightsaber. A mother carrying her son in her arms." This brought painful tears to Eskel's eyes.
"Born into a world, rife with suffering." Eskel clenched his fists, the cave began to shake. "Continuous war will break the people of this galaxy, and then everything burns in hellfire."
Eskel's greatest talent within the force was his pyromancy.On many occasions, it gave him the killing edge over his opponents. A simple edge wasn't enough anymore.
Some could say he was obsessed, they were right. But Eskel knew such obsession would be the only thing to get him through it. He needed to be inhumanly determined, or he would fail. But first, before he could begin his campaign, he needed to travel to unknown space and become much more powerful.
"Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."
"There is no death, there is the force."
These last two lines, Eskel agreed with.
"Power can mean any things, but victory means only one. To achieve your goal, whatever it is. You win. Your chains are broken, your duty to yourself is no longer present. You have absolute freedom, the force will free you. Or it will destroy you. There is no death, only the force. The force, is all consuming. Death, is just another part of that journey..."
Eskel had accepted that he would most likely die in attempt to complete his quest. However, he wasn't about to just roll over and accept defeat. He would die on this journey if need be, and that was why he needed followers, that would continue his fight. The fight for all of the living."
Eskel had some goodbye's to say before he left. However, he would return in some time to known space and then. He would destroy them all.